Bmw Cars In India

BMW Cars in India


Rita Jain

BMW Cars in India

BMW automobiles offers sheer driving pleasure. BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH) was founded on March 7, 1916. The company is one of an important automobile manufacturers in international market. BMW is the parent company of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and manufactures the MINI brand.

BMW founded by \”Franz Josef Popp\” in 1916, a German Automaker has entered in Automotive Industry. BMW is manufacturing Automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles with annually revenue of 60.48 billion recorded in year 2010.


BMW Cars are once more in the Automarket with its latest SUV model of D+ Segment whose starting price is Rs.41.2lakhs named BMW X3 in diesel with two different variants (i.e. xDrive20d/xDrive30d).

The BMW cars are one of the most selling brand in segment of luxury vehicles. The company is world famed for its excellent performance of premium cars and motorcycles. These cars and bikes have lured the people for its attractive and classic looks.

BMW has shown interest in motor sports activities and manufactured BMW Sports cars, BMW Formula cars and BMW Touring cars. BMW cars differentiated itself from other luxury cars in tems of concept and elegant design of the vehicle. The aesthetic appeal of the car leaves the people awe. Each model of BMW car is classic and best in providing all comforts and luxuries.

BMW have launched various models, but the most sophisticated of ll of them is 5 series 530i Sedan. Apart form that., the most selling BMW cars model is BMW M57 with diesel engine, which was launched in the year 1998.

BMW in India – BMW cars were launched in the year 2006 in India, with an initial investment of more than one billion Indian Rupees. The assembly plant for BMW series BMW 3 and BMW 5 was established in Chennai. Till 2009, the company has gained popularity and achieved a rigorous growth for its outstanding performance and comforts. In beginning of 2007, the company manufactured various variant of BMW 5 Series and BMW 3 Series.

Top models in BMW Cars – BMW X1, BMW New X3, BMW Z4 Roadster 2009, BMW 530i, BMW 760Li, BMW-3s, BMW 5 Series Sedan, BMW 5 Series Security, BMW 6 Series Coup , BMW 6 Series Convertible, BMW 7 Series Sedan, BMW 7 Series High Security, BMW X3, BMW X5, BMW M3 Coup , BMW M3 Convertible, BMW M5 Sedan, BMW M6 Coupe and BMW M6 Convertible.

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