Wikinews interviews Joe Schriner, Independent U.S. presidential candidate

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Journalist, counselor, painter, and US 2012 Presidential candidate Joe Schriner of Cleveland, Ohio took some time to discuss his campaign with Wikinews in an interview.

Schriner previously ran for president in 2000, 2004, and 2008, but failed to gain much traction in the races. He announced his candidacy for the 2012 race immediately following the 2008 election. Schriner refers to himself as the “Average Joe” candidate, and advocates a pro-life and pro-environmentalist platform. He has been the subject of numerous newspaper articles, and has published public policy papers exploring solutions to American issues.

Wikinews reporter William Saturn? talks with Schriner and discusses his campaign.

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11 Japanese hospitals receive bomb threats

Monday, September 5, 2005

Tokyo, Japan — Eleven university hospitals in Tokyo have been threatened with bombings, within 45 days, unless they double admissions quotas to their medical schools for the next academic year. The University of Tokyo Hospital, Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital, and Keio University Hospital are among the threatened institutions.

Police said that the letters all appear to come from the same source but they have not released the actual letters yet. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is investigating, but nothing suspicious has been found at the hospitals.

Security has increased ahead of an upcoming September 11 general election.

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How To Find Good Authentic Restaurant

How to find good Authentic Restaurant


Isencs William

From past analysis it can be seen that the popularity of Mexican food is getting increased to manifold. They are considered to be most famous after Indian and Chinese foods because of their varieties. People used to come to such restaurant with their family and friends and enjoy the variety of Mexican meals. If you are searching for such restaurants that can provide you with exotic Mexican meals then it would not be that tough to get best one for you. There are various ways through which you can find the best Mexican dishes in this city.

One of the best ways is to search online from the restaurants that can give you an entire list of restaurants and through reviewing the list and comments you can able to fetch the best among them for you and your family. This can give you a fair idea about the quality of the restaurant and you can able to enjoy much more with your family. The internet provide you with different range to get the best Mexican food in city and this can be done by searching through city, zip code or even by the name of a restaurant. You can even order the search on the basis of the type of cuisine you like to order from Mexican restaurant.

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Another way to get information is- word of mouth that means you can ask your friends or family members those who have certain experience of going to such restaurants. They can give you a clear idea about the quality and taste of the dishes and on that basis you can make your choice. Reading the testimonials and review on the internet could be one important way to gather information about particular restaurant in your city. The stable dishes that are found in these restaurants are Fajitas which is quite famous among the people in the Mexican restaurant. From the online survey you can also select the best suitable restaurant that can provide you with tasty meals that too under your budget. The most common spices and herbs that are used in such restaurants are annotated seeds that add distinct flavor to the food like rice and sauces.

Advertisements are another better way to get information about the best restaurants which means that if you find advertisements of restaurants on your TV or mobile then this could be a good idea to take them into consideration. As these ads might invite that the best quality restaurant in Mexico or best one something like that, but how far can you trust ads? The best is the word of mouth that can give you a great help to get a best meal in the area you prefer to take your friends and family out for dinner. You can also plan to visit certain restaurants to know there prices or can even call and get the details and once you got the information then can make a comparisons accordingly or can further revert back to the reviews.

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Source of UK foot-and-mouth outbreak discovered

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The source of a recent outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in Surrey, UK has been discovered by investigators at the Pirbright laboratory where investigations began in August. The Health and Safety Executive informed the BBC that they had pinpointed the source to possible biosecurity lapses in a pipe near the laboratory. It is thought that the pipe, which runs between the site and a government-run laboratory, may have been damaged by tree roots.

Recent flooding in the area may have brought the virus to the surface, but it is not yet known how the virus arrived on nearby farmland. The Health and Safety Executive, however, confirmed that vehicles from the Pirbright laboratory had used a road adjoining to the farmland where the outbreak was found.

Neither Merial, the pharmaceutical company who own the Pirbright laboratory, or the government have claimed ownership of the pipe, but Merial have refused to comment before a full report has been published.

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Wikinews interviews Goronwy Price about the upcoming by-election in the Bradfield electorate of the Australian parliament

Thursday, December 3, 2009

With two federal by-elections coming up in Australia, many minor parties and independents will be looking to gain a seat in the House of Representatives. Goronwy Price is a candidate representing the Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy party.

Mr Price is an environmentalist, adventurer and businessman from the Sydney suburb of Cremorne.

“In 1975 I founded the adventure travel company World Expeditions and built it to be the world’s largest adventure organisation. I am currently Managing Director of a successful software company I founded in 1997. We export software around the world.,” Mr Price said.

Wikinews reporter Patrick Gillett held an exclusive email interview with Mr Price, candidate for the Division of Bradfield.

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Former science director sues Texas over intelligent design e-mail

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Christine Comer, former director of the science curriculum for the Texas Education Agency (TEA), is suing the Commissioner Robert Scott for wrongful dismissal. Comer alleges that she was “illegally fired for forwarding an e-mail about a lecture that was critical of the teaching of intelligent design in science classes.” Her suit alleges she was “terminated for contravening an unconstitutional policy” which required “employees to be neutral on the subject of creationism – the biblical interpretation of the origin of humans.”

The Dallas Morning News reported, “The policy was in force even though the federal courts have ruled that teaching creationism as science in public schools is illegal under U.S. Constitution’s provision preventing government establishment or endorsement of religious beliefs.” Among Comer’s supporters is Philosopher and National Center for Science Education speaker Barbara Forrest who was the presenter at the lecture Comer mentioned in the email.

News 8 Austin reported, “The TEA was not available for comment late Wednesday.”

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The Consequences Of Being Untruthful On Your Application For A Loan Lending

By Michelle Mann

Lying is easiest when the one thing that stands in the way of what we want, is a little ‘small fib.’ However, a minor mistruth that can lead you into big trouble is not telling the truth when filling out loan applications, especially home loans.

Lots of us were taught by our parents and secondary school instructors that it is wrong to lie. We understand this fundamentally. We understand that when we lie we run the risk of being found out and then embarrassingly, having to find a way to cover our tracks. However, lying may do much far worse then only cause of shame, it may also land us in jail.

Whether it is your plan or the loan officer to not tell the truth on the loan application, you both can end up in hot water. The result will not be a minor slap on the hand, but big time trouble like jail time and/or large monetary.

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There are many methods to misrepresent the truth on the application form. A person may manipulate their income or lower their stated expenses. Because a W-2 form is required for the majority of lending applications, telling untruths in regard to an individual’s income generally occurs with stated income loans. They do not have to provide proof of their income. Someone can also not tell the truth regarding whether or not they are work for themselves and could possibly even falsify lease agreements so that a mortgage company might be willing to offer them money.

Please note, before you agree to not tell the truth, know that once you sign your name on the dotted line, you open up yourself to criminal and civil penalties. It is against the law to lie about what is included on these documents. It is extremely serious and you will end up regretting it after you are caught. Being truthful and letting the chips fall where they will, enables you to sleep beautifully during the night, and do not have to stress about if anyone has uncovered your half-truths.

Being scared of being caught, is most times the worse part of not telling the truth. If you really would think about it, having a particular house or piece of property, is not worth the embarrassment and shame that an individual will face if you get caught. Also, if you are in jail, you will not even be able to enjoy the home or property that you place so much at risk for.

Not telling the truth to get loans, any type of loan, is taking on an amount of risk that surely is not necessary. The ends will not justify the method, especially if a person gets busted. Being forced to handle with angry authorities and having to find lawyers to enable keep you out of the slammer, is too much risk to handle for a loan. You will do much better to wait and save until you have the funds that you have to have. If you choose to do so, you will be able to sleep much more peacefully overnight because you will not be at the mercy of the lawyers and judges.

In the end, avoid lying to get loans. While you could temporarily get the funds or property that you want, not only do you run the risk of getting busted, but you will likely not even be able to afford it and will likely lose it anyhow. An individual will not only lose their home but a small piece of their integrity.

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Blair ally Lord Levy arrested

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Police have arrested Lord Levy, chief fundraiser to the Labour Party and close associate of Tony Blair. Lord Levy was arrested by the Specialist Crime Directorate of London’s Metropolitan police as part of an on-going investigation into the cash-for-peerages row which has troubled the Labour government since the start of the year. He was bailed on Wednesday afternoon without charge pending further enquiries.

In a statement, Lord Levy said the arrest was “totally unnecessary”. A spokesman also said: “He has not been charged and does not expect to be, as he has committed no offence.”

The cash-for-peerages affair erupted earlier this year, after an independent body reported that Tony Blair had sold peerages (the title of Lord) to businessmen in exchange for secret donations to the Labour Party. This potentially breaks the Honours (Prevention of Abuses) Act of 1925 which was originally introduced after Prime Minister Lloyd George was caught selling peerages for personal funds.

The ruling Labour Party admitted soon after that it had borrowed over £14 million before the last general election in 2005. The opposition Conservative Party also admitted it had been loaned £16 million by wealthy businessmen. It’s believed that as chief fundraiser, Lord Levy arranged the Labour Party’s loans.

All political parties deny any wrong-doing, although the arrest of one of the Prime Minister’s closest allies is going to provide yet more scandal for the already troubled party.

Downing Street has so far declined to comment on what they call a “party matter” and Levy himself has accused the police of “over-reacting”. Some politicians have commented that the situation could be very serious for Mr. Blair.

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Refurbished cafeteria opens in Romanian parliament

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

A new, refurbished cafeteria at the Romanian Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest has opened for the use of parliamentarians. The new cafeteria, which has mahogany furniture and leather draped armchairs, was officially opened yesterday, and is situated at the entrance to the Senate headquarters in the Palace of the Parliament.

Members of Parliament said they were not satisfied with the former cafeteria in the Palace, saying that it didn’t have proper tables and chairs to sit on. Many parliamentarians expressed their satisfaction at the opening of the refurbished dining venue, saying that they can now drink a cup of coffee “in a civilised manner” before sessions.

Bucharest’s Palace of the Parliament (Palatul Parlamentului in Romanian) is the largest building in Europe and the third largest building in the world, with an area of approximately 350,000 m². It contains both houses of the Romanian Parliament (the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate), as well as the National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC). It is also frequently used as a function centre.

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Caring For Your Moroccan Berber Carpet

Submitted by: Andy West

Berber carpets have long held an attraction for many people. The Berber style of floor rugs speaks of a rustic, long-ago time when household needs were hand made with care and attention to functionality. They were crafted by people who loved color and life. The original Berber carpeting was made using wool, a natural product that was easily found. It provided both warmth and the endurance to defend against being constantly trod on. Durability drew individuals to Berber carpeting, and it is a style of floor rug that has proven itself with the test of time. Long been considered a high-end item to have in one’s home, Berber carpet’s popularity remains strong, fuelled by people’s desire to have attractive home accessories with lasting appeal and a preference for high-quality. Styles of floor rugs found today still maintain that craftsmanship and finding a colorful Moroccan Berber carpet to enhance the comfort of your home is only a matter of selecting the one that appeals to you and suits your personal palette and style.

While some styles of Berber floor rugs are available in synthetic materials and lower standard models, choosing a Moroccan Berber carpet that is of best quality is very important. This is especially true if you want your attractive floor rug to last for years to come. Synthetic materials may be new and promise plenty, but history has proven that the original material used to create this type of carpeting is preferred for a natural look and feel. Following the footsteps of ancestors, selecting a Berber carpet or floor rug that has been crafted from 100 percent wool is the best choice. Most authentic Moroccan Berber carpet that is of the highest quality is hand-woven and dyed in rustic colors that offer a natural, bright appearance, the shades and tones easily speaking of something crafted with care and attention to detail.

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Considering that your Berber carpet has been masterfully woven with sheep’s wool, you’ll want to ensure you maintain your floor rug properly. Wool demands a certain attention to cleaning that other materials don’t, but this only adds to its appeal. Knowing you have something in your home that may require certain care shows that it’s an accessory you’ll never want to abuse or throw away. In fact, Moroccan Berber carpets have maintained their appeal and popularity for so long, despite requiring careful cleaning. This only proves yet again that this type of floor covering is by far the one that will last through trends and fashions, always complementing your home d cor regardless of whether your interior design is rustic, modern or country in style.

While some myths still linger that Berber carpeting should be cleaned as any other carpet, this information isn’t quite reliable. In fact, natural, hand-spun wool cannot be cleaned using contemporary carpet cleaners, or marking and discoloration may occur. Moroccan Berber carpets are fabricated with rugged, short loops that are tightly woven for dense construction, but what’s more, the fibres are twisted. This process ensures a thick, durable rug that repels dirt. However, while Berber carpeting can prevent dirt from entering, its very construction can also trap dirt should particles that manage to weave their way inside the carpet. Frequent vacuuming, especially when soil is lying on the top of the carpet, is recommended to remove as much dust, dirt and particles as possible to prevent any from worming their way inside the thick carpeting. Avoid using a beater bar or brush attachment with your vacuum, as these cleaning accessories do more harm than good with Berber-style floor rugs, encouraging dirt to sink in more deeply.

The thick, rugged construction and short, tight loops mean that Moroccan Berber carpets won’t show footprints or marks from being trod on, but these floor rugs, while benefiting from a regular maintenance program of frequent vacuuming, will eventually require cleaning. Avoid water, as wool tends to shrink, but if you must do spot cleaning to remove a spill, use only a damp cloth and a small amount of gentle soap designed specifically for wool. There will come a time when natural colors or brighter shades of Moroccan Berber carpets will need a profound cleaning, but should this be the case, hire the services of a dry cleaner only. While dry cleaning may be expensive, the initial investment of your Berber floor rug is one that you don’t want to lose by skimping on proper maintenance.

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