Deck Design Enhancing Your Home And Garden Enjoyment

Submitted by: Keith Smallwood

A well built deck provides a platform for enjoying your outdoor space and garden and decks rapidly become a focus for family gatherings in the warmer days. There is nothing better than enjoying food outdoors or simply enjoying a casual drink with friends and good conversation while listening to the birds and soaking up the sun. There is a lot to be said for building a deck on your home it enhances the look and feel of the property, increases your enjoyment and it also adds value to your home as well.

The style of your home should determine what kind of decking you should be using. You need to keep the decking in tune with the architecture and materials used in the construction of your home to avoid any clash which will detract from the appearance and feel. You should also consider that a deck is not simply an outdoors feature decking is usually found attached to the home (instead of being free standing) and as such, the deck becomes an intermediate space between the home interior and the rest of the garden. It is not unusual to find decks have become enclosed to some extent as a consequence of this intermediate status.

The materials you choose for the deck will also impact on your future costs and convenience. Wooden decking provides an excellent original effect and is warm and inviting, however you will need to seal it properly and reseal it every few years depending on the amount of use and the impact of the elements. Composite decking is made from a combination of waste wood, typically sawdust, which is then mixed with plastic (usually recycled). This can be made to look like natural wood and it has the added advantage of not warping or splitting.


Vinyl PVC decking provides true, long-term durability which is practically maintenance free. Ensure that the decking you use has a non-slip surface which is particularly important for vinyl PVC material in order to avoid any unfortunate accidents, especially when it is wet. Vinyl decks can be used in almost any part of the garden or home exterior and they are especially suitable for surrounding above ground pools where there is the risk of a lot of water, which will eventually accelerate rotting in wooden decking.

Aluminum decking is generally much more expensive compared to all other forms of decking material, however it is going to last the longest and it is very lightweight which means it can be used anywhere. Aluminum decking is also very stylish in appearance and there are no gaps on the surface of the deck itself.

Whichever decking material you use, building a deck will enhance your home and your enjoyment of it. You will be able to use your deck in almost all weathers, however enjoying a fine summer evening with a grill cooking good food and good company to enjoy the end of day is one of life s pleasures. Think carefully about where you want the deck to be built and what materials you are going to use, and it pays to consult with a specialist in order to get the very best out of the design and construction experience they will have.

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