Heathrow Airport Parking A New Comparison Guide From 1stairportparking

Heathrow Airport Parking – A New Comparison Guide From 1stairportparking


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Booking Heathrow Airport Parking can be a problem for those who do not frequently fly from the UK’s biggest airport, due to the sheer volume of travellers using it and the number of parking options available. The busiest international airport in the world, in 2011 over 67 million passengers travelled through Heathrow, so it is not surprising that there is such a wide choice of parking options.


There are over 17,000 ‘on airport’ spaces available to airport staff, passengers, and the general public, but only the short stay car parks are next to the terminals. All of the others require a transfer bus ride of at least 10 minutes betwen the car park and the terminal. In addition to short-term and long-term ‘on airport’ parking, there are also off-airport car parks and meet and greet parking is very popular at Heathrow. So finding parking at Heathrow shouldn’t be ? problem, once you know your options.



Short-term or hourly parking is available at each of the terminals, but it is very expensive. It costs £4.70 for 60 minutes or £51.80 for 18 – 24 hours and £103.60 for 36 – 48 hours. Although it is the most convenient option as the car parks are right next to the terminal, it is really only used by those dropping off or picking up someone and who will be at the airport for no more than 1 – 2 hours.


There are also ‘on airport’ long stay car parks for each of the terminals that offer daily rates significantly lower than the short-term rates above. Heathrow Business Parking is an ‘on airport’ car park aimed at those needing parking for 1 – 5 days. It is an 8 – 10 minute bus transfer from the terminals and costs £24.80 per day. This is a good option because of its convenient location, but those considering this car park should also look at Purple Parking Business (see below), which is equally close to the terminals.

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long-term parking is aimed at those taking trips of 7 days plus, but can be used for stays of a day or less too. The airport offers a long-term car park (also called ‘Parking Express) for each of the terminals – one for terminals 1 and 3 (as they are close together), one for terminal 4 and one for terminal 5. Parking at these car parks costs £17.90 per day for 1 – 4 days and £17.20 for 4 days plus, which is still expensive compared to off airport options.


Another option, popular with for those looking to save as much as possible, is parking ‘off-airport’ Heathrow Parking

. There are several options nearby with the most convenient Purple Parking Business (you actually drive past this on the way to the more expensive on airport long term car park for terminals 1 and 3). Another “Purple” car park is cheapest for those needing parking for a week or more – Purple Parking Long Stay – which is around 15 minutes from the terminals, but 30 – 40% cheaper than the on airport long stay. These are high-standard parking options served by regular shuttle buses with a 10-15 minutes transfer to / from the terminals, are well-staffed and equipped to assist disabled passengers, and provide 24 hour service and security.


The final and most convenient option is Heathrow Meet and Greet Parking

. With meet and greet parking travellers drive right to up to the terminal, where they are met by a driver who takes their car and parks it at a secure car park. Then, on their return, they are met at the terminal by a driver with their car. At Heathrow this type of parking is particularly popular as it is usually as cheap or cheaper than the on airport options, and is much more convenient.


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Author Bio: Lynn Rosario has worked in the airport parking and hotels field for almost 10 years. She is a pricing expert, spending several days each month comparing prices for every major UK airport to ensure she is always aware of the latest trends.

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