How Do You Make Your Ex Boyfriend Regret The Breakup? Ignore Him!

There is no feeling that can make you feel unwanted like having your boyfriend breakup with you. You regret anything you might have said or done to make him stop loving you. But in order to get your ex back, you will have to make him be the one having regrets. The reason you are feeling so devastated by the breakup is, you thought everything was fine.

When the man you love suddenly tells you he wants to end the relationship you are caught off guard. All of the dreams you had of spending your life with this guy are gone. You thought you had found the man of your dreams and now you have nothing left but memories.How did this happen? What did you do wrong? These are questions you keep asking yourself, but they have no answer.

When something such as this happens, it is only natural to blame yourself, but men can be quite unpredictable at times. He might have felt you were pushing too hard for a commitment and he was not ready. You might have tried too hard to please him and he is taking you for granted. There are many things that can cause a breakup, but there might be only one thing you can do to get him back.


You have to ignore him and not show him he has hurt you. The more he feels you want him, the less likely it will be to get him back. But if you take his comfort zone away and show him you can have a life without him, he will no longer feel in control. Everyone wants what they feel they cannot have. Your ex boyfriend is no exception.

When he first met you, it was the way you ignored him that made you a challenge to him. After he thought you loved him that challenge was taken away. This is not to say you shouldn’t love your guy, but you cannot let him think he owns you. When he broke up with you, he was expecting you to come crying and begging. By ignoring him and appearing to be moving on, you will cause him to have doubts.

By making him feel you might be slipping away from him, he will call you to see if you still love him. If you begin to cry at the sound of his voice, he will know he has nothing to worry about. But if you do not mention the word love and tell him you would like to remain friends, his attitude will change immediately.

Your ex boyfriend will no longer be sure of you and you will present a challenge to him. He will begin to regret the breakup and chase you again. You will get your ex boyfriend back, but let this be a lesson and never let him take you for granted again. You can love a man with all of your heart, but you can never let him think he owns you.

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