Kangen Water, How It Assists Blood To Do It\’S Job.

Kangen water, how it assists blood to do it\’s job.



Well, your blood’s main job is to collect waste and provide oxygen to the cells and organs . As simple as that. Should you prick yourself anywhere over the surface of your body, you will draw blood, which means there is nowhere your blood does not cleanse. It enters every cell, and every organ, it then picks up the wastes and takes them to where they can be removed from the body.

Seems straight forward doesn’t it. But like every piece of equipment unless it is treated right it won’t work as it should.

You may ask yourself, what can go wrong? Well a $100,000 car can go wrong if you don’t look after it, well if you don’t look after your body, it can suffer the same way.

Dirty oil in a car does a poor job, let’s take a look at what we would consider something that compares with dirty oil in the body.

To work at removing the wastes correctly, the blood must have a pH level of 7.4. Any less and the body becomes acidic, the wastes are not been removed as they should, and when the wastes are still in your body you body becomes more acidic. You have acid reflux, that is the very first time you are warned something is wrong. The wastes are stored somewhere or other, mostly in the colon. However it is known they can go to the thighs, the bottom. You must agree, there are a few obese people round.

Can you recall, when an autopsy was done on two famous people John Wayne and Elvis Presley, it was found they each had 42 lbs of compacted acidic wastes in their colons, this waste had been there for years. No wonder Elvis changed dramatically in his later years.

Okay, what causes the body to have a drop in the pH level? Well, the main reason is oxidation.


As simple as that. As a mom and dad, can you remember when you first held your baby, do you recall how beautiful it smelt. I am sure you will never forget it.. The blood in your baby was in perfect state. It was slightly alkaline.

Now, let’s take the other end of the scale. Have you ever been in an Seniors Rest Home? The smell in that building is a lot different from the baby’s smell. What you are smelling is Oxidation.

Cutting an apple in two, and leaving exposed to the air, the apple will turn dark, that ‘s oxidation too.

To combat this, on the market there are hundreds of anti-oxidants, people take them daily, for they know the importance of keeping their blood in it’s correct state, slightly alkaline.

One of the natural anti-oxidants is green tea, green tea has a negative ORP of minus 100. ORP, means Oxidant Reduction Potential. Anything that has a minus ORP is a Anti-Oxidant.

Green tea has a minus 100 ORP, this is considered an anti-oxidant, and a good one.

I want you to understand, we are all acidic. In this day and age, it is most likely, because 80% of all foods we eat are acidic. Most drinks are acidic too.

In 1931 a Doctor by the name of Walburg, received the Nobel Prize for discovering that Cancer or any other major illness could not establish itself in an alkaline body.

That was an amazing discovery, for over the years he has been proved right.

Take Cancer for example. When he made his discovery, Cancer touched 1 in 10,000 lives. In the 50’s it was one in 3,000, today it is 1 in 3. Where is it all going to stop.

The answer is never, unless we all start taking notice of what Dr. Walburg. Many realize the importance of bringing their pH level to where it should be, 7.4, so they are taking anti-oxidants. However at this moment they don’t know about the best anti-oxidant there is.

We have so much sickness in this world today, not only cancer, we have diabetes, arthritis, colitis and many others.

If we knew the problem in 1931, then why is it continually growing. Well, the anti-oxidants are not keeping up with the acids we are putting into our bodies, and the blood is still below the slightly alkaline that we need.

We needed something much better than the minus 100 given to us by the green tea for we are now drinking liquids that are as little 2.5. How can the body possibly survive if we put liquids into our bodies at 2.5, when we know we have to be at 7.4.

We therefore need an anti-oxidant that has a much better Oxidant Reduction Potential and I am pleased to tell you that answer is Kangen water.

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I would ask you to begine drinking this alkaline water so you can be healthy all the time.

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