Party Games For Grown Ups

Party Games for Grown Ups



Party games at adult parties are becomming increasingly popular. Whether it is the great new consoles such as the WII or easy online access to card games that is driving this demand I am not sure.


One thing however, that is certain, is the remarkable increase in the number of enquiries I am receiving on the topic of party games for grown ups. If you are hosting a party for older friends the basic principles of party organisation still apply. Decide the theme, send the invitations and plan the menu but if you are planning a series of party games then a little more preparation is wise. Some people find it difficult at parties to start converastions and relax. This is where appropriate party games are a perfect way of getting everyone involved.As a broad outline, when planning party games you should consider. Available Space: Plan your party games around the available space. if you have the option it can be a good idea to clear a room and use it specifically for games. Make sure you do your research. There is no point playing a treasure hunt game in a one bedroom apartment. Available Time : Don’t assume that your guests will want to stay up all night. Most people are working hard and have family committments especiallt at weekends. Because of this I always plan a series of short party games rather than one long game. This allows people to leave at a time that suits them and they don’t feel “trapped”. Composition of Guests List: Depending on what you are celebrating the guest list will be different for various parties. For example if you are hosting a 21st birthday party your guests probably won’t be expecting to play charades. Likewise drinking games probably won’t go down too well at a 25th wedding anniversary. So if you are planning party games take into consideration the age profile and gender breakdown of the guests.. When it comes to party games making an incorrect choice can affect the guests enjoyment of the whole event. Know The Games : As a guest there is nothing worse than seeing a host struggle with a party game. Lack of preparation becomes very obvious. Save yourself the embarrassment and practice the games before the party. Props: Make sure you have all the material and props you require to play the games Timing: Plan the introduction of party games for the appropriate time. Ice breaker games are great for getting a party started but don’t expect them to be a hit towards the end of the evening Detailed Instructions : So the guests are ready to start playing the games. don’t spoil it at this stage and make sure you give a very clear and succinct explanation of what the game is about. If the game is tough to explain then drop it. Basically if you are planning party games think of your guests and know the games inside out. In later articles I will go into specific details about individual games including ice breaker games, parlour games, mental games and much more.

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