To Buy Anti Frequency Energy Saving Air Condition Is Most Critical

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In National Grid reported recently 17, in the frequency of household air conditioning blowing wind, Gree air-conditioning from 15Hz low-frequency operation, the United States all 180 degrees of air-conditioned DC conversion, Hisense Air-wide 360-degree technology, DC inverter drive to achieve high air introduced into Chi mass recall system inverter air conditioner, etc., the industry’s voice on the inverter air conditioner after another, the reporter visited the store recently discovered, people began to focus more and more frequency, but why buy inverter air conditioning, consumption themselves and do not have a rational understanding. In this regard, the high air-conditioning Beijing Zhi, general manager of product management center Wang Xi Yang expressed their views.

Remember to Buy Inverter Air Conditioner Against “Fudge.”

Currently on the market by the inverter air conditioner sales, the factory complex and burdensome technical terms, the consumer is difficult to truly understand the meaning of one in the blind pursuit of frequency is an irrational consumer behavior.Wang Xi Yang believes that the current state of household air-conditioning energy consumption in response to the call to raise the overall energy efficiency of fixed-speed air-conditioning levels, increase inverter air conditioner’s R & D and production efforts, and through the countryside to spread energy-saving home appliances air-conditioning, as there is a corporate social responsibility, the obligation to implement state policies in the end.

However, when consumers buy air-conditioning concern should not be limited to whether the frequency, the more sales staff not to be a variety of technical terms the “Fudge”, to be clear why we want to buy inverter air conditioner. The reason why people willing to buy a conversion, the conversion of high quality air conditioning products with energy saving, environmental protection, comfort and other advantages, therefore, not the frequency people buy the technology, but a saving, environmental protection and comfortable effect. On the market in sales of variable frequency air-conditioning in different ways, consumers do not buy air-conditioning was “Fudge”, we must see energy efficiency, attention to the original demand.


Buy air conditioning for the “change” or “no change”, Wang Xi Yang believes that the development of inverter air conditioner air conditioning industry has become an inevitable trend, but look at the current market conditions, it is not able to completely replace the fixed rate products, particularly Some technology is mature and stable fixed-speed air-conditioned high-end products, such as fixed speed air conditioning Chigo among the three super-king series, has the super-energy (energy efficiency rating to 4.75, equivalent to the two inverter air conditioner energy efficiency), ultra-quiet, Super health and other functions, can and most of the match inverter air conditioner, so when consumers buy air-conditioning, “change” and “no change” is not important.

Quality escort for the enterprises to the healthy development of the current market share to manufacturers for the conversion of fierce rivalry, Wang Xi-yang that Chigo air-conditioning refrigeration 20 years, has been working to “create the world’s best air-conditioning,” With this support a belief that we can ensure many years of excellent quality and the industry’s patented “free replacement parts for life” standard of the service. The face of fierce competition, Wang Xi Yang said: “We will change depending on market conditions, the expense of some short-term profits for long-term interests to go!

But the blog will not be involved in vicious competition high, because Pescod is a responsible business, only a sustained and healthy business development before they can achieve ‘world’s best air conditioning made’ the ambitious goal is to do something really good for consumers. “It is understood that the market Chigo Air Conditioning in all products sold for the frequency inverter air conditioner 3 energy efficiency level and above, while some manufacturers of products to provoke a price war for the conversion of 4,5-class energy efficiency, therefore, Wang Xi Yang said, when consumers buy on price alone is not comparable.

Air conditioning on high-quality protection Yu Zhi, Wang Xi-yang as a marketing worker, looked confident, he said: “Chi 20-year high air-conditioning refrigeration, all Chi skilled are only dry one thing, how bad could it do?” It is understood that , Zhi Gao has a national post-doctoral research station, technical team has the first generation of Tsinghua University, postdoctoral, and many other top refrigeration refrigeration experts, technical strength and prestige of Germany in recent years through energy, DuPont, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, etc. 500 Setting up a world’s first “Air Quality Alliance” and other initiatives, many in the industry, establish the quality of the flagship, but also laid the quality of its in the “benchmark” status.

Regardless of the technological development of inverter air conditioner itself and to what extent, energy efficiency, comfort, health is always the same consumer demands and, consequently, I have to remind the consumers of this friend, polished eye, rational shoppers, in a wide variety of goods in a really good eye for air-conditioning.

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