What Should You Expect From A Property Manager?

Submitted by: Stewart Wrighter

By definition, a property manager is the one who looks after your property. Sounds simple but it is not. When you hire a New Hampshire property management company, you should know what they would offer you under the premise of property management New Hampshire services. The first thing, of course is becoming the conduit between you and your tenant. Here are a few important things you should expect:

You should do some serious research regarding the best price for your property this starts right at the beginning. It is a good idea to consult with a commercial real estate agent to find out what the present market rate is so you could fix a good rate for your property. This is one of the first duties of your property manager. Of course, if he or she is a veteran, he would give you an accurate estimate even without stepping out from his office.

Design and put up advertisements on your behalf to attract rent for the property this is another very crucial part of a company. In this case, the person should be able to draw up inviting ads and attract clients to your property. It is important to attract potential tenants to your property as soon as possible in order to start collecting rent.


Maintain and showcase the property the manager is responsible to show the property to various tenants and showcasing the house or building to look its best. To attract the best results, the property manager should beautify and maintain the house or building in the most attractive and inviting manner. People should want to rent it which is the ultimate goal.

Choose the right tenant screen the applications, screen the tenants, fix rent, collect rent, deposit rent in your bank account, all these tasks are meant to be done by the staff. At the same time, the person is also supposed to protect your property, to intervene on your behalf with the tenant if there are any irregularities with the maintenance of the house or building or rent payment.

Keeping and submitting accounts statement you and your manager could enter into agreement that he or she would send you a monthly/ quarterly/ half- yearly/ yearly statement of accounts that show all the expenses and income accrued from the house.

As you can see everything becomes easy when you have a person or staff to do things for you. Whether it is finding a tenant; whether it is negotiating with the tenant; whether it is following the local legalities and at the same time putting your interests first, this is the main duty of the property manager. It is true that the services do not come cheap but then you are buying complete peace of mind. As long as you hire a competent manager or company, you put behind you all worries about the property.

All said and done, for the services that this person gives you, you need to be good with the payment, too. While it is not true that the higher they charge the better they are, it is important that your manager is paid well, so he or she would not be tempted to team up with your tenant and rob you.

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