Where Are Air Compressors Used?

By Clair O’Hara

An air compressor is a useful tool to have around the house because of the wide range of uses it has. Air compressors work by using the power generated by an electric or gas motor to compress air and get it to a high pressure level, resulting in a very high power output. This is the basic working principle of every air compressor and, based on size and power, each type is adequate for one or more tasks.

Household uses

An air compressor can have a variety of uses around the house. You can use it to inflate the tires of your car, blow the dust from your garage or around the house or even turn it into a pressure washer for your car. Another use for an air compressor is running air-tools such as cut-off tools, drills or nail guns. Smaller air compressors are more adequate for such tasks as they allow you to easily move them around.

Industrial uses


Air compressors are also used in industrial appliances where a lot of power is needed. Service stations for example use air power for the car lifts and all the tools. Instead of having to buy several individually powered tools, a large air compressor is used to generate high air pressure and deliver it via hoses directly where it is needed.

Artistic uses

Another industry that uses air compressors for the job is the graphics industry. Air compressors are used for aerographs, giving artists incredible control over their work and allowing them to create real masterpieces. The precise control over the pressure output allows them to apply multiple layers of paint at different intensities, creating realistic shadows and details that were impossible to obtain before.

Choosing an air compressor

Choosing the right air compressor for your job is quite simple as all you need to know is what you will be using it for. Just go to a shop and tell the seller what you need and he should be able to find the right one for you. You can also use the Internet to find out the specifications for an air compressor suitable for your job and start looking for one at shops that sell used air compressors.

One thing you should know is that, even though the specifications don’t need to match exactly, try to find a product as close as possible to your desired specifications. Too much power or too little power is equally bad, especially if the tools you’ll be using the air compressor with are sensitive tools.


Be sure to inspect the condition of your air compressor prior to using it, especially if you haven’t used it for a long while or you bought it from a used air compressors shop. A visual inspection should be enough to identify any visible problems such as a cracked hose, the main cause for low pressure output. If your hoses are ok but your pressure output is still low consider taking your compressor to a service point. Avoid using it if you’re not completely sure it’s in a perfect working condition to avoid accidents.

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