Fifth bomb discovered in London after July 21 attacks

Monday, July 25, 2005

A suspect package discovered in Little Wormwood Scrubs, west London is apparently a fifth bomb made to the same design as those used in the 21 July attacks. The device was subjected to controlled explosion by the police over the weekend and its discovery has led to speculation that a fifth bombing attempt may have been intended that day. The device was apparently a nail bomb.

Little Wormwood Scrubs is just north of Shepherd’s Bush (scene of one of Thursday’s bombing attempts) and White City (the location of the BBC’s TV centre). It also borders on North Pole sidings, which are used by the Eurostar cross-channel train which travels through the Channel Tunnel.

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Disney World Vacation Homes: Your Best Choice Of Accommodation For Large Groups

By William F. Gabriel

People go on vacations to relax and have fun. What better way to do it than go some place where you could not help but do just that. It can only be Disney world, where every step you take would bring you from one adventure to another. The Disney experience is a certified stress reliever, as it would completely make you forget everything except the thrill and excitement that you can get from the sights, rides, shows, waterslides, and other recreational activities. Disney World with its four major theme parks and two water parks are best enjoyed with family, relatives, friends, and even colleagues – the more, the merrier.

Disney World vacation homes would be a perfect choice for your accommodation. They come in a variety of sizes and designs that would cater to large groups with different needs and preferences. Rather than staying at one of the hotels in the area, it would be ideal for a big family to stay at one of these Disney World vacation homes. Some may ask what is so special about these vacation rentals that you will forego staying at a great hotel with the best amenities where you can expect to be pampered for the duration of your stay.

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Pool homes near Disney World can give you the best accommodation at a much reasonable price than any hotel in the area. It means you can enjoy the best amenities in a more comfortable environment without putting a strain on your wallet. It is much more comfortable because you can enjoy all the comforts of home – with a living room area, dining area, fully equipped kitchen, laundry area, bedrooms, and bathrooms. The convenience of having what you need at hand throughout your stay is something to look forward to because it simply means there will be no hitches to mar your vacation.

What more can you ask for when you even have your own private swimming pool to enjoy whenever you want. However, if you want more in terms of amenities, you would not be disappointed because Disney World vacation homes can give you that. Depending on your budget, pool homes near Disney World can offer the basics as well as the luxury that you might want in a home. You can have a Jacuzzi, a game room, and more. Whatever you might prefer, you will still be saving money in the end when compared to staying at one of the luxury hotels.

Think of how much fun it would be if your group would be staying under one roof. It would make your bond stronger, allowing you to create memories that are special because you will be doing everything and enjoying everything together. Doing some grocery shopping at a nearby store, preparing and cooking meals, enjoying the meals, exploring the area, enjoying all the attractions at whatever theme park and water park you prefer to go, having a relaxing swim in the privacy of your own pool, and doing whatever you might feel like doing, after all it is your vacation.

About the Author: William F. Gabriel gives practical advices on choosing the best Disney trip. For more information about Disney World vacation homes, please check out Pool Homes near Disney World.


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Study: Taste of beer causes chemical reward in male brain

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In a study published yesterday online in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology, scientists from the Indiana University School of Medicine say the taste of beer alone triggers a release of dopamine, the brain’s chemical reward signal.

Dopamine is a chemical released by the human body and is associated with drug- and alcohol-related use and pleasure. In men with family histories of alcoholism, the dopamine release was greater.

The scientists sprayed 15 milliliters (about one tablespoon) of either beer or a sports drink into the mouths of the participants over a period of 15 minutes, scanning their brains and noting increases in dopamine levels were present. According to the scientists, 15 mL of beer does not contain enough alcohol for the alcohol to cause intoxication or any noticeable increase in blood-alcohol levels.

Brain scans were accomplished with positron emission tomography, an imaging technology using radiation to obtain three-dimensional images of, in this case, the human brain.

The senior author of the study, Dr. David A. Kareken, said “We believe this is the first experiment in humans to show that the taste of an alcoholic drink alone, without any intoxicating effect from the alcohol, can elicit this dopamine activity in the brain’s reward centers”.

Professor of substance use, policy and practice Peter Anderson at Newcastle University in the UK said many “sorts of cues” can cause an urge to drink. “This paper demonstrates that taste alone impacts on the brain functions associated with desire. This is not surprising — if taste increases desire, it has to impact on brain functions.”

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Hurricane Katrina causes upwards of $12bn of damage; oil prices surge

Monday, August 29, 2005

Hurricane Katrina is now over the U.S. mainland and has caused more than US$12 billion of damage. Some estimates are as high as $30 billion.

New Orleans was spared the most intense winds as the hurricane weakened as it made landfall, and its track turned slightly east, away from the city. However, the area was still subjected to sustained winds of more than 100mph, and rainfall as heavy as six inches per hour.

Future prices of crude oil rose above $70/barrel in the U.S. on Monday in the wake of Katrina’s surge through oil and refinery processing facilities in the Gulf of Mexico. The storm forced operators to shut down an estimated 1 million barrels of daily refining capacity in the region that accounts for nearly a quarter of total domestic production.

A U.S. spokesman for the Bush administration said the government will consider releasing crude oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve if requested by refiners. OPEC has pledged to blunt the impact by increasing production to compensate.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan told reporters that Michael Brown, the director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), briefed Mr. Bush before he left his Texas ranch for Arizona where he will deliver a speech on Medicare. Brown said it would take time before an assessment is possible for when refineries could resume activity.

President Bush authorized loans from the strategic reserve to help make up for missing supplies when Hurricane Ivan struck in 2004.

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Advice To Women With A Broken Heart 3 Expert Tips To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

If you have had a recent relationship breakup, you will be reacting as any woman would if they have had their heart broken. You will be desperate to get your ex boyfriend back. The breakup was not your idea and you want things back the way they were. You want to talk to your ex and see if things can be straightened out, but before you do anything you should sit down and follow these 3 expert tips.

1. Do you really want your ex boyfriend back because you love him or is it just embarrassment and humiliation that is driving you? You would be surprised at how many couples stay together so they won’t be lonely. There might be affection, but no true love. Don’t let yourself be trapped in such a situation. Without true love, there can be no true happiness.

2. If you come to the conclusion that you do sincerely love your guy, you should do everything possible to get him back. This will start by figuring out what happened to make your ex boyfriend unhappy enough to want to get away from you. It will take some searching, but you must face the facts, no matter how painful it might be. Then you need to think of away to fix the mistakes that were made.

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3. By doing this deep thinking about your relationship, you might find that although you love your ex, the two of you are not compatible. You have a strong physical attraction, but that is as far as it goes. If the two of you do not like doing the same things and are constantly at odds, it probably won’t get any better. Physical attraction will die out and later with children, you could find yourself heading for divorce court.

After all of this soul searching, if you still want your ex boyfriend back, it will be time to contact him. Nothing can be solved without communication, but you must be prepared and know what you want to say. So, make a list of the things you want to talk about and memorize the list. You will want to know if he is as interested as you are in working to make the changes that will be necessary.

By this time, there should have been enough time since the breakup for your ex boyfriend to be missing you. Give him a call and see if he would be willing to meet you for coffee. Have the meeting in a public place so there won’t be any shouting or worse physical violence. You will need to do some plain talking and make sure your ex boyfriend is serious about the relationship.

If you feel he is as committed to the relationship as you are, start slowly and have a few dates to see how things work out. Don’t fool yourself and think things will get better. It will be easier to end things now and walk away than later when you have allowed yourself to have hopes of a happy future again.

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A breakup does not need to be the end of love. There are proven methods to make love better than ever before. Bad mistakes can ruin your relationship for good. To avoid these fatal mistakes, you need proven steps to get your relationship back for good. What you should and shouldn’t do can be found at this Helpful SiteAuthor: Hal Archer

US FEMA aid site only supports Windows with Internet Explorer

Thursday, September 8, 2005

The US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) website (for requesting disaster aid) is only functional for applicants using the latest version of the Internet Explorer web browser on the Microsoft Windows operating system. Users with other web browsers, such as Netscape, Opera, Safari, Firefox, or operating systems other than Windows, are effectively screened out of the site, which gives them a message that they need to download Internet Explorer version 6 or call FEMA at 1-800-621-3362 to register.

Relief workers are setting up many computer kiosks for evacuees to use. These kiosks are built from donated computers, many of which are unable to run Windows and/or Internet Explorer. Most of these kiosks use LiveCD versions of Linux, leaving evacuees unable to fill out aid forms.

A spokesperson for FEMA told MSNBC they were aware of the problem, and were trying to resolve the issue. They were, however, unable to provide an estimate of when the problem would be solved. Mike Quealy, a FEMA spokesperson, said the issue occurred because this tool was originally designed for in-house use by people working at the call center.

Telling the Opera web browser to spoof its user agent, by identifying itself as Internet Explorer, appears to trick the FEMA website into allowing the user to fill out the form. Firefox users can install the Prefbar extension (, and use the “User Agent Spoof” dropdown to achieve the same effect. Safari users can use the Debug drop-down menu (, and use the “User Agent” option to achieve the same effect. Other options are to run Windows and Internet Explorer in an emulator such as VirtualPC on the Mac or VMware on Linux. This option is slow and requires the user to already own or purchase a license for Windows and the emulator software. Purchasing the software can cost several hundred dollars. Implementing a software compatibility layer, like the GPL wine project, allows the user to run certain Windows software on Linux, but still requires valid licenses for Windows.

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G20 Summit plans to inject US$5tn into economy before 2011

Friday, April 3, 2009

The G20 Summit held in London, England concluded Thursday with an injection into the economy of US$5 trillion by the end of 2010.

Global trade would be supported by $250 billion (169.5 billion pounds). “We are going to act decisively to kickstart international trade. We will ensure availability of at least $250 billion over the next two years,” said Gordon Brown Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

The International Monetary Fund IMF will have access to $750bn in resources of which $250bn will support special drawing rights.

Developing countries received $100bn which will be dispensed via Multilateral development banks. Towards this end, the IMF will sell off gold reserves.

China will support the IMF fund by $40bn, the European Union by $100bn, and Japan by $100bn.

There will be increased regulation on banking and credit ratings agencies. There was a commitment to clamp down on hedge funds, tax havens and toxic assets. To restore consumer confidence in the financial sector, a new Financial Stability Board will be initiated internationally. There would be new policies implemented to control pay and bonuses paid to the heads of banks and corporations.

The G20 leaders were adverse to protectionism and rallied to support international trade and investment.

The Leaders’ statement said, “We reaffirm the commitment made in Washington: to refrain from raising new barriers to investment or to trade in goods and services, imposing new export restrictions, or implementing World Trade Organization (WTO) inconsistent measures to stimulate exports.”

Eoin O’Malley, senior adviser on international trade at BusinessEurope, said “The measure also needs to be part of wider package to avoid protectionism and conclude the Doha round which will stimulate trade growth. The key point now is to move forward with Doha. The key now is implementation. G20 governments must act quickly to provide this finance to companies that need it urgently.”

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Wikinews interviews Great Britain men’s national wheelchair basketball player Joni Pollock

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Homebush Bay, New South Wales —Wikinews sat down with Great Britain men’s national wheelchair basketball player Joni Pollock before a practice session at the Rollers & Gliders World Challenge in Sydney.

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British-born Pollock was born with the condition spina bifida. He explained he could walk with difficulty up until age twelve or thirteen, after which he began using a wheelchair. Shortly after this, he began playing wheelchair basketball. He attended a disabilities tournament for children with disabilities in England, where he tried both wheelchair basketball, since he came from a town where team sports were popular; and wheelchair tennis, as he’d played with an able-bodied friend. Ultimately, he chose wheelchair basketball as it was a team sport.

Wikinews asked Pollock about being loud towards his team mates during the match on July 20 between the Australian Rollers and the Great Britain Bulldogs. He said he was out of wheelchair basketball for nine months due to a pressure sore and surgery on his shoulder, and has been making a comeback since January, with the doctors and physiotherapists giving him the all-clear in April. On that night, he said, the Australian team used bullying tactics and some of his teammates on the British team didn’t step up to win the game. He also said that no matter what team his team plays against, he has a target on his back because of his calibre of playing in the game, and his team failed to to understand it that night, leaving him frustrated with his team and himself; and, he hates coming to Australia during a Paralympic year since the home town —that is, Australian— referees do not protect the visiting team from the home team’s dirty playing, which puts the British team’s gold medal prospects in jeopardy.

Wikinews also asked Pollock his opinions regarding Oscar Pistorius. Pollock believes Pistorius shouldn’t be competing in the Olympics if other Paralympic athletes can’t compete. He also mentioned reservations about certain technical aspects, such as whether Pistorius would be the same height if he still had his legs rather then his prosthetic legs. Asked about 5 point players playing in wheelchair basketball, he said he believes 5 point players can play with other point players but not in the Paralympics, and said 5 point players currently play in the domestic league but not at the elite level, to boost the number of players participating and to help the development of the game.

Wikinews also questioned him about tattoos worn by members of the British team. In previous years, he said, only one or two forwards had tattoos, but now almost everyone has one as having tattoos is currently in fashion. He said he got his first tattoo at the age of sixteen and only recently had it removed. He also has tattoos on his right arm, depicting the logos of the Paralympics and World championships in which he competed.

Pollocks’s team begins its London campaign on August 30, against the Germany men’s national wheelchair basketball team.

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Brief Discussion About Speech Therapy In Kolkata

Autism or behavioural disorder in children can lead to some serious problems and therefore it is the responsibility of the parents to identify it and ensure that it is treated within time. Children having this disorder find it difficult to communicate verbally and socially. They also have problems in behaving. Such ailment can be treated by undergoing the speech therapy with will improve their communication skills which includes auditory processing. However, the speech therapy which are basically conducted in different sessions will vary depending upon the specific problem of the child and the therapist. For instance, some therapists would root for the Direct Instruction language program which is also known as Language for Learning will assist in teaching spoken language to children having autism. The sessions are meant for children around ten to twelve years.According to a research and study, if the speech therapy in Kolkata is properly conducted, the children would be able to pronounce the words correctly and also identify certain objects within a span of three months. However, the parent has to be very vigilant and careful in monitoring the progress of their child. They need to consult a child specialist or a child psychologist if they find that the child experiences persistent stuttering even after five years. Although the speech therapy is not considered as a part of medical treatment, it helps a great deal in improving the speech fault in a stuttering child. Thus the aim of this exercise is to treat and cure a stutter. The speech therapist aims at correcting a number of defects in the pattern of speaking. However, before beginning the procedure, he needs to identify the pattern of the fault and detect whether the problem is because of any accident or present since birth.The treatment will largely depend on the gravity of the deformity. For instance, for a small defect like stutter and more intensified for severe problems. It should also been noted that the therapists who are treating the child should be well trained and profoundly experienced to tackle various problems. As a parent, it is your responsibility to enquire about the treatment procedure and get full information about it including its pros and cons, the cost and the expected time for recovery. You can take a self notice whether there is any improvement or not after a few initial sessions. The persons who want to specialize in this field are required to do a Speech and Language Program (SLP). He needs time to master this program.The medical science has been able to identify three types of speech fault in children which include articulation defects, voice or resonance disorder and fluency problem. Apart from these, there are some other deformities which are known as the secondary physical features for speech such as lips, cheeks, jaw, teeth, tongue. Stuttering has been identified as a fluency disorder. It is a fact that that more and more parents should be made aware about the Speech therapy in Kolkata so that their child can learn to speak normally.

Final launch of Space Shuttle Discovery delayed until at least Thursday

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Space Shuttle Discovery’s final launch on the STS-133 mission to the International Space Station has been delayed at least an additional day. Launch is now targeted for 3:29 PM EDT on Thursday.

The launch was originally scheduled for this past Monday, but was delayed two days because of helium and nitrogen leaks on board the shuttle.

Technicians are now working to repair technical glitches discovered yesterday on a main engine control computer.

The weather outlook, however, appears to be unfavorable for the new targeted launch day; there is an 80 percent chance of undesirable weather, according to the NASA space shuttle weather officer Kathy Winters.

The mission management team (MMT) is meeting today to discuss and troubleshoot Discovery’s newfound electrical problems.

STS-133 is scheduled to be an 11-day mission to the International Space Station to ship supplies to the crew, as well as additional components for the orbital outpost’s construction, including the Permanent Multipurpose Module and the third of four ExPRESS Logistics Carriers. The mission is the 133rd of the Space Shuttle Program and the 39th of Discovery.

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