Cctv For Secured And Safety Living}

Submitted by: Vivency Global

Close circuit television monitoring system is commonly known as CCTV. It has great importance in the current world. Money is basic essential for food, clothing and shelter, some of the people in order to lead luxury life they prefer shortcuts ways like robbery, gold snatching, kidnaps, blackmailing and many things. CCTV is perfect solution for peaceful nation.

In the current scenario everybody is busy with their work it is difficult to look after the family members because the nature of work and time to balance the personal and professional life people are opting for maids and to know their behavior and offering services one can use IP based CCTV. That gives the clear picture of house and helps you to be concentrate on work without thinking about them.

Many baby care centers are came up to helps the working mother, they take complete care till they reach their parents. Even though they are experienced in looking after the kids, mothers are worried about their children and want to monitor weather they are handled properly or not. To avoid chaos to the parents many baby care centers are provided with CCTV with access to the parents this is really a good benefit to the parents.

People are implementing modern ideas to earn money. Vehicle is need for everyone to travel, so in order to fulfill their needs many people have started commercial travel business. They are also provided with CCTVs that helps the proprietor to know the about behavior of the employee and condition of the vehicle

Usage of Close circuit television monitoring system is very rapid. Now all the colonies, traffic zone, banks, hospitals, companies, institutes, houses, schools, government offices and every they using for reducing violence and give calm life to the citizens.

A CCTV security solution is excellent option for securing all the public and private places. Providing safety to the people is important in order to attend their work place.

Benefits of Close circuit television monitoring system

? Easy to connect

? Identification of criminals

? Reduces in crime activities

? Provides peace in the areas

? One can lead tension free life

? Can monitor from long distance

? Safety for house

? Less purchase and maintenance cost

? Occupies less space

Finally, those who are in need of close circuit television monitoring system can fix them without any doubt and moreover it gives benefits and no disadvantages. It gives better solution and relaxation from problem. It is small device observe to a long distance in multiple direction and stores the data , that data can be retrieve for required date. The amount of data stored depends on the memory it varies from one another. It can be view live or recorded. Usage of Close circuit television monitoring system is always beneficial. Prefer them and make your comfortable.

The use of CCTV in educational establishments has increased rapidly in recent years as a positive measure to prevent vandalism and enhance security and safety. Our secure, stand-alone CCTV systems offer more than just a security measure, they provide a valuable management tool with more applications than simply security.

About the Author: Vivency Global provides advanced of IT solutions for enterprises, SMB’s, educational institutions, brands of projectors in Dubai and residential customers across the globe. We deliver a personal service on quality and a unique knowledge of the client’s needs. If you are looking for a more information visit our site:


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Create An Unforgettable Experience Through Nanda Devi Base Trekking Tours}

Create an unforgettable experience through Nanda Devi Base Trekking Tours


Himalayan FrontiersHave you ever planned a trek to the second highest peak in the remote Trans Himalayan range, Nanda Devi? If not, it’s time to create an everlasting memory for yourself. This magnificent trek takes you through the circular trail which starts and ends with Munsiyari.

Did you know that Nanda Devi Treks are one of the highest adventurous treks of all? The spectacular view of Nanda Devi peak touches the borders of Nepal in one side and Tibet on the other including the exotic range of flora and fauna in its vicinity.

Why Nanda Devi

Nanda Devi is considered to be one of the most beautiful snow cladded Mountains in the world. It’s the highest in the Garhwal Himalayan peaks in Uttaranchal, dominating in the upper regions of kumaon.It has two summits.Nanda Devi is itself surrounded by a circle of peaks called the Nanda Devi Sanctuary.

The complete winding trails of Nanda Devi Base Trekking Tours can take you through the pilgrimage site of Hardwar, isolated Bhotia villages, mysterious Lake of Roop Kund, ending with the mythical hill station of Nainital.


The trek also covers the lush forests with rich biosphere at Nanda Devi National Park wild life. This Park has been declared the World Heritage Site in 1982.

How to plan the trek

You need to plan the itinerary from Delhi. The recent ecotourism in Nanda Devi will allow you many budget friendly options to choose from. There are three ways to stay at Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek. You can use tents, guest houses or local homes.

These treks also include a number of activities like glacier trekking, remote village trekking, jeep safaris, camping etc. You need to pay additionally.

To-Do lists

Create a to-do list of all the necessary things which you must take into account before you start planning for the Domain of Nanda Devi Trek.

Following are some of them:

– Always keep warm clothes, trekking accessories, bottles, medicines and toiletries ready in your backpack.

– Pay heed to the necessary instructions.

– Medically test yourself before you start trekking to the high altitudes.

– Adequate preparation is a must to keep your logistics safe. The trek goes tougher near the base camp of Nanda Devi East.

So, the base camp trek at Nanda Devi is sure to give you a bone grinding experience for its difficult access paths. But the surreal nature, exotic passes and pictorial meadows of Narspanpatti and the two majestic sister peaks of Nanda Devi and Nanda Devi East will leave you with a stunning experience.

The trek, also known as, Kuwari Pass Trek will stun you with its 3600 view of Himalayas. The sylvan environment and the cheerful welcoming habitants of Nanda Devi domain is a life changing and thrilling experience for its trekkers like you.

Himalayan Frontiers, Culture & Adventure Tour Pvt, Ltd are the leading adventure, culture trekking travel company based in Kullu Manali, (H.P), India that providing a comprehensive range of Trekking in India, Trek to Malana,

Nanda Devi Treks

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3d And 4d Ultrasound Learning How It Works

By Nichole Clark

If you are considering a 3d and 4d ultrasound, then you should take the time to learn a little bit more about how the procedure works. While there are many other methods of capturing images of an unborn baby, three dimensional ultrasounds are becoming more and more popular. Typically, ultrasound is done by sending sound waves through the body in order to capture pictures. This is much how both two and three dimensional ultrasounds work; however there are some differences when it comes to how the images are formed. They both use the same concepts.

If you think about two dimensional ultrasounds, then you will realize that they are captured on a single plain. Normally the sound waves are sent in from one direction, usually straight down, and then they reflect back in order to make the image of the unborn baby, or fetus. 3d and 4d ultrasound is done in much the same manner, except instead of the waves being sent straight down, they are sent in from a lot of different angles around the fetus. These different angles allow for a three dimensional still photo of the unborn baby. Four dimensional videos can be made from these three dimensional ultrasounds as well. This allows you to see your baby in real time and actually be able to see particular movements that they make as they are happening.


Now that you are familiar with the how the pictures are formed, you will probably want to know a little bit more about how the procedure will be for you. First of all, you should find out if your obstetrician does the procedure or not. If they offer this service, then you can likely just schedule it to be done in the comforts of their office in which you are familiar with. If they do not offer this type of ultrasound, then you will need to go to a provider that specializes in this. There are many to choose from. Making sure that you are comfortable when you go will help you to have a more enjoyable experience.

Once you are in the office, you will get comfortable on the ultrasound table. This process is much like a regular two dimensional ultrasound. Physically, the equipment will look the same as the equipment that is used for the traditional ultrasounds. You should ensure that the provider that is doing the procedure is accredited to ensure that you are always in safe hands when it comes to having a sonogram.

Taking the time to become familiar with how the procedure works will help you to be better prepared when you go to have it done. If you are considering a 3d and 4d ultrasound as an option for you while you are pregnant, then you should know what you will get from it. It is a great idea if you are looking for another way to build more of a bond with your unborn baby. This is a great bonding method for fathers as well.

About the Author: At Adorable Baby 3D/4D Ultrasound, you are able to “meet” your unborn baby! We use brand new 3D and 4D ultrasound technology so that you can actually see your baby in live 4D motion while in your womb.To book an appointment call 925-522-5700


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Sports Sunglasses The Best Brands In Business

Sports sunglasses The best brands in business


Stuart Wallace

Sports require not only a lot of physical and mental strength but also good eyesight and clear vision. For this reason a new category was created in the range of sunglasses Sports sunglasses. Many brands understood that a unique line of sunglasses designed for sports was the need of the hour.

Today, a fashionable and trendy look is as important as the functionality of the sunglasses. Athletes want their sunglasses to be considered as a fashion statement and also serve the purpose right, that is, provide eye protection. There is neck to neck competition between various brands, in such a scenario it becomes difficult to choose the best one.

The market is flooded with sports sunglasses that claim to have new sleek frames and interchangeable temples through which the manufacturers try to lure the customers but to tell a pair of authentic sports sunglasses from a cheap one is quite difficult. Therefore, one must opt for branded sports sunglasses to be sure of the quality, durability, comfort and optimum functionality.

The best brands for sports sunglasses are Ray Ban, Oakley, Bolle, Nike and Adidas.


Ray Ban Sunglasses

This brand has long been known for their aviator style sunglasses with polarized lenses and good looks. Many athletes love them for their distinct features and now Ray Ban offers more styles and designs for a variety of sports sunglasses.

Oakley Sunglasses

makes sunglasses for every sport. It offers optimum functionality for different weather conditions, light conditions and styles. Oakley sports sunglasses range features lightweight and impact-resistant frames which offer maximum durability, comfort and style. They have adjustable nose bridges, temples and lenses for a more customized fit.

Bolle sports sunglasses

This sports eyewear line allows interchangeability of 13 diverse lenses that enfold and protect your face. The frames include the option of an exclusive Sports Optical System Rx adapter for easy prescription lens attachment. They are comfortable, durable and long lasting. Plus, they look really good.

Nike Sunglasses

Nike offers a variety of sports sunglasses including the Nike Skylon with a rugged Flexon memory metal frame. The lenses are shielded with polycarbonate which makes them shatter-resistant and highly durable. They are very comfortable and long lasting. The lenses are interchangeable to ensure better visibility in varying light conditions.

Adidas Sunglasses

Another brands which is the leader in sports Sunglasses. The latest technologies and most up to date designs have put Adidas Sunglasses ahead of the pack. Flex temples and soft saddle bridges provide a comfortable, pressure-free fit while playing sports.

So when you think sports sunglasses, think Ray Ban, Oakley, Bolle, Nike and Adidas. These brands are best suited for all your requirements in sports sunglasses. They give you a perfect fit and complete eye protection with a stylish look.

The Author of this article is an expert on the latest trends pertaining to Sunglasses. He has written many informative articles on various Sunglass brands such as

Oakley Sunglasses

, Bolly Sunglasses and

ray-ban Sunglasses

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Concrete Cutting Adding A Pre Cast Concrete Stairway To Your Basement}

Submitted by: Robert Short

Installing a pre-cast concrete stairway to your homes basement is actually quite an easy project for the advanced do-it-yourselfer or anyone that can coordinate a couple of sub contractors. Doing so will add a water tight weather proof egress to your basement that, in many cases, is necessary to comply with local building codes during a remodel. Either way, this newly added entrance will add much more function to your home and your basement.

First of all it is probably a good idea to explain what pre-cast concrete is. Pre-cast concrete is simply concrete that has been mixed, formed and vibrated in a very controlled plant type environment and then delivered or trucked to its final destination and installed. Despite the fact that some pre-cast concrete products are much thinner than conventional poured in place applications does not mean that the pre-cast products are any less quality and to the contrary they are usually much more durable.

In order to orchestrate this project you are going to need a hole dug, a doorway opening cut into your foundation and the actual pre-cast concrete bulkhead delivered and installed. Your first step is to locate a pre-cast concrete product dealer. A pre-cast concrete dealer can be located in your local phonebook, or better yet, your online yellow pages. Once you have located a reputable dealer you need to visit the pre-cast manufacturers showroom, which usually consists of a giant field full of stairs, bulkheads and culverts. You need to choose the size and style that is right for your project. A standard pre-cast bulkhead will generally cost less than $1000 and this includes the steel bulkhead cover and installation.


Once you have chosen the right product be sure to ask for a worksheet or specification sheet that comes with your particular product. This spec sheet will tell you how much digging needs to be done and what size doorway your concrete cutter needs to cut in the foundation. The digging can be done using several methods. You can dig it by hand with a pick and shovel (not recommended), you can rent a small excavator (cost about $300) from a tool rental outfit and use the machine to dig it out or you can call a professional excavation contractor and have them dig it out for you (cost between $300 and $500). I highly recommend hiring a professional excavator for this part of the project. This process will take a professional less than a few hours and you can shop around for the best price. Please Note: Be sure to notify your areas DIG SAFE program and have them come out and locate any hidden underground utilities before you start your excavation. Also, keep in mind that your excavator will have to remove and dispose of about 50% of the dirt that he/she removes from the hole because the bulkhead to be installed will take up about that much volume of space. If this is not feasible, you may be able to use this dirt somewhere else on your property or you may be able to give it to one of your neighbors. Either way, fill dirt is a very needed and sought after commodity. Hence the old saying: Phil Dirtthe most wanted man in America.

Once the hole for your bulkhead has been successfully dug out and the portion of the foundation that needs to be cut is exposed you need to clearly layout your cut lines with a measuring tape, a bright yellow lumber crayon and a 4 level as instructed on the spec sheet. Now it is time to call a professional concrete cutter and find out what their pricing and availability is (cost is usually $425+/- to cut and drop the piece). They will charge you approximately an additional $100 to jack hammer the piece into manageable pieces and up to $500 to remove the piece from site. In order to avoid the break up an disposal charges, simply have your excavation contractor dig a grave for the concrete at the bottom of your excavation. This way you can just bury it and save yourself some time, money and hassles. Explain to the concrete cutter that you need a standard doorway for a bulkhead. Ask them how much they charge and when they can schedule your job. Ask them for a morning appointment. You are going to have to coordinate the concrete cutting and the bulkhead installation so that as soon as the concrete cutter is done the bulkhead is immediately installed. So you can now schedule your bulkhead delivery and installation for about 12 noon. Most pre-cast concrete product manufacturers will do the installation for you at no additional cost or it is included in the price.

I recommend calling each of your sub-contractors a day prior to their arrival just to verify that there are no scheduling conflicts. This will minimize the amount of problems that will occur and give you plenty of time to reschedule each subcontractor if one of them runs into a problem.

As soon as your bulkhead and metal bulkhead cover have been successfully installed you will need to back fill or replace the dirt that was removed from the hole. This can be done by hand with a shovel by an experienced do it yourselfer or you can make arrangements to have your excavation contractor return once the installation is complete and do the backfilling for you. It is always a good idea to allow this dirt to settle before adding your topsoil or planting any grass or flowers. The ground around the bulkhead should be settled pretty good after several heavy rain showers.

Well, good luck and if you choose to tackle this project congratulations. For more information on this subject just do a search for pre-cast, concrete cutting or bulkhead.

About the Author: To learn more about converting your basement into an apartment, remodeling your basement or just installing a precast concrete stairway and a bulkhead please visit Affordable Concrete Cutting Boston’s website at


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Hot Air Cookers The Speedier, Healthier And Economical Way To Cook

By Ian G Williamson

Unlike the typical, familiar ovens in most homes, hot air cookers use a fan to spread the heat through the entire oven cavity. When heated air gets circulated in the oven as opposed to just surrounding it, the food is bound to be cooked more evenly. Traditional ovens tend to develop hot and cold spots that lead to uneven cooking. The heated air in these conventional ovens remains fairly motionless and as such food placed near the heating elements tends to char whereas those away from it are barely cooked.

Hot air cookers may be known by different names yet the basic principle remains the same. Convection ovens, countertop ovens or air cookers are all synonymous as they all use the same method of blowing hot air into the chamber of the oven. The rush of air speeds up the process of cooking resulting in some very desirable results.

The major advantage of these cookers is in the reduction of both cooking time and temperatures. In the cuisine world, this is known as the “rule of 25s”. The temperature for cooking is down by 25 degrees with the same end results. Most foods get cooked at least 25 times faster, thus reducing the cooking time. This in itself leads to substantial reduction in electricity bills, a major source of savings.


The very nature of air cookers allows food to retain its flavor and texture. Meats tend to retain their internal moisture, roasted foods, breads, pies to get that fabulous outer crisp covers. Restaurants have been using hot air cookers for a long time to give food that professional touch. This is why home cooking never seems to be able to duplicate the great food of the master chefs. The recipe for that excellent quality of food is nothing but the convection ovens.

Countertop ovens are an answer to our prayers; they bring the same hot air technology into our homes. Now, it is feasible to get that perfect finish to all our favorite dishes. In addition, these ovens are small and fit on the countertops and thus ideal for home use. The secret of the professional cooks is now in your hands and that too at the push of a button.

Cooking in a hot air cooker needs some time to get used to it especially if you have used the radiant varieties earlier. The initial adjustments are mainly due to the lesser time and temperature required and learning to master them for your particular needs. However, once you have perfected the art of hot air cooking the tricks, chances are you will get hooked to cooking this way for the rest of your life. The advantages of convection cooking far outweigh the initial cost barriers.

Whether it is the compact size, the innumerable models to choose from, the quick cooking time, the easy and flawless cooking results, the reduced energy bills, the superior quality of the cuisines or the sheer aromatic smells that emanate from your kitchen, the delights of cooking in hot air cookers are irresistible.

About the Author: Hot Air Cookers is the leading site for your air cooker, convection oven and countertop oven needs. Check out

Hot Air Cookers

now!. So visit:



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Computer Security, Viruses And Threats.

Submitted by: Drew Pilton

Today, many people rely on computers to do homework, work, and create or store useful information. Therefore, it is important for the information on the computer to be stored and kept properly. It is also extremely important for people on computers to protect their computer from data loss, misuse, and abuse. For example, it is crucial for businesses to keep information they have secure so that hackers can’t access the information. Home users also need to take means to make sure that their credit card numbers are secure when they are participating in online transactions. A computer security risk is any action that could cause loss of information, software, data, processing incompatibilities, or cause damage to computer hardware, a lot of these are planned to do damage. An intentional breach in computer security is known as a computer crime which is slightly different from a cybercrime. A cybercrime is known as illegal acts based on the internet and is one of the FBI’s top priorities. There are several distinct categories for people that cause cybercrimes, and they are refered to as hacker, cracker, cyberterrorist, cyberextortionist, unethical employee, script kiddie and corporate spy.

*The Hacker.

The term hacker was actually known as a good word but now it has a very negative view. A hacker is defined as someone who accesses a computer or computer network unlawfully. They often claim that they do this to find leaks in the security of a network.

*The Cracker.

The term cracker has never been associated with something positive this refers to someone how intentionally access a computer or computer network for evil reasons. It’s basically an evil hacker. They access it with the intent of destroying, or stealing information. Both crackers and hackers are very advanced with network skills.

*The Cyberterrorist.

A cyberterrorist is someone who uses a computer network or the internet to destroy computers for political reasons. It’s just like a regular terrorist attack because it requires highly skilled individuals, millions of dollars to implement, and years of planning.

*The Cyberextortionist.


The term cyberextortionist refers to someone who uses emails as an offensive force. They would usually send a company a very threatening email stating that they will release some confidential information, exploit a security leak, or launch an attack that will harm a company’s network. They will request a paid sum of money to prevent the threat from being carried out, a bit like black mailing.

*The Unethical Employee.

An unethical employee is an employee that illegally accesses their company’s network for numerous reasons. One could be the money they can get from selling top secret information, or some may be bitter and want revenge.

*The Script Kiddie.

A script kiddie is someone who is like a cracker because they may have the intentions of doing harm, but they usually lack the technical skills. They are usually silly teenagers that use prewritten hacking and cracking programs.

*The Corporate Spy.

A corporate spy has extremely high computer and network skills and is hired to break into a specific computer or computer network to steal or delete data and information. Shady companies hire these type people in a practice known as corporate espionage. They do this to gain an advantage over their competition an illegal practice.

Business and home users must do their best to protect or safeguard their computers from security risks. The next part of this article will give some pointers to help protect your computer. However, one must remember that there is no one hundred percent guarantee way to protect your computer so becoming more knowledgeable about them is a must during these days.

When you transfer information over a network it has a high security risk compared to information transmitted in a business network because the administrators usually take some extreme measures to help protect against security risks. Over the internet there is no powerful administrator which makes the risk a lot higher. If your not sure if your computer is vulnerable to a computer risk than you can always use some-type of online security service which is a website that checks your computer for email and Internet vulnerabilities. The company will then give some pointers on how to correct these vulnerabilities. The Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center is a place that can do this. The typical network attacks that puts computers at risk includes viruses, worms, spoofing, Trojan horses, and denial of service attacks. Every unprotected computer is vulnerable to a computer virus which is a potentially harming computer program that infects a computer negatively and altering the way the computer operates without the user’s consent. Once the virus is in the computer it can spread throughout infecting other files and potentially damaging the operating system itself. It’s similar to a bacteria virus that infects humans because it gets into the body through small openings and can spread to other parts of the body and can cause some damage. The similarity is, the best way to avoid is preparation. A computer worm is a program that repeatedly copies itself and is very similar to a computer virus. However the difference is that a virus needs to attach itself to an executable file and become a part of it. A computer worm doesn’t need to do that, it copies itself to other networks and eats up a lot of bandwidth. A Trojan Horse named after the famous Greek myth and is used to describe a program that secretly hides and actually looks like a legitimate program but is a fake. A certain action usually triggers the Trojan horse, and unlike viruses and worms it will not replicate itself. Computer viruses, worms, and Trojan horses are all classified as malicious-logic programs which are just programs that deliberately harm a computer. Although these are the common three there are many more variations and it would be almost impossible to list them. You know when a computer is infected by a virus, worm, or Trojan horse if your computer displays one or more of these things:

*Screen shots of weird messages or pictures appear.

*You have less available memory than you expected.

*Music or sounds plays randomly.

*Files get corrupted.

*Programs are files don’t work properly.

*Unknown files or programs randomly appear.

*System properties fluctuate.

Computer viruses, worms, and Trojan horses deliver their payload or instructions through three common ways.

1 – When an individual runs an infected program so if you download a lot of things you should always scan the files before executing, especially executable files.

2 – When an individual boots a computer with an infected drive, so that is why it’s important to not leave removable media in your computer when you shut it down.

3 – When an unprotected computer connects to a network. Today, a very common way that people get a computer virus, worm, or Trojan horse is when they open up an infected file through an email attachment.

There are literally thousands of malicious logic programs and new ones come out by the numbers so that’s why it’s important to keep up to date with new ones that come out each day. Many websites keep track of this. There is no known method for providing 100% protection for any computer or computer network from computer viruses, worms, and Trojan horses, but people can take several precautions to significantly reduce their chances of being infected by one of those malicious programs. Whenever you start a computer you should have no removable media in the drives. This goes for CD, DVD, and floppy disks. When the computer starts up it tries to execute a boot sector on the drives and even if it’s unsuccessful any given virus on the boot sector can infect the computer’s hard disk. If you must start the computer using removable media for any reason, such as when the hard disk fails and you are trying to reformat the drive make sure that the disk is not infected.

How can you protect your computer?

The best way to protect your computer from any of the above is by using good quality internet securities software. Purchasing this from a reputable security company is recommended to ensure that your software is kept up to date with the most recent virus signatures. If you are not up to date an unrecognised virus will not be stopped by the software. A full security package will protect you from viruses, Worms, Trojan horses, keyloggers and will detect when a hacker is attempting to hack into your computer and prevent them from gaining access when you are online or connected to a network. It is not advisable to use a free antivirus service as these do not provide adequate protection and are a false economy. Recommended internet security software companies are:- Norton, McAfee and others.

About the Author: The auther is dedicated to PC security and PC health. See the Error Doctor Award Winning Registry Cleaner Software.


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Long Term Weight Loss With Bariatric Surgery

Long Term Weight Loss With Bariatric Surgery



Excess weight may usually impact the confidence and keep you in depression. Although with several advances in health care, there are numerous fat burning techniques obtainable including weight loss surgery. Bariatric surgery is among the most desired process for extremely overwieght individuals, yet multiple tests suggest that the procedure is also a more sensible choice for averagely over weight people.

In case you\’re attempting to lose weight for rather sometime and dont notice any decrease in weight, then it\’s the time to obtain the doctor\’s help and initiate clinical weight loss program. There are many things that forces you to have medical assistance. For instance, after pregnancy if you\’d like to burn off your weight, then surgical procedure often is the good solution. Perfect ways of eating and routine workout program are great methods to lose fat, but for some people these techniques wont be effective. Extreme weight can result in varied medical issues. Bariatric surgery is a good choice for individuals who are in this discouraging condition.


There are several surgery alternatives available to deal with excessive weight, each having its own pros and cons. Yet weight loss surgery is excellent in lessening excess fat, there are many operative difficulties. Hence, before making a conclusion, talk to an professional physician to learn about the advantages and disadvantages from bariatric surgery.

Weight loss surgery may boost your quality of life. Obese people suffer from various obesity related problems such as diabetic issues, sleep problems, elevated blood pressure and high cholesterol problems. Reports revealed that surgery can result in long-lasting weight reduction issues, might minimize health conditions, and may enhance a persons everyday life. However for some people, weight loss surgery could lead to troubles and also emotional health concerns. For that reason, whether a persons life can be better or worse upon going through the procedure is usually not known.

Studies show that several individuals diagnosed with diabetes that have weight loss surgery can certainly reduce and sometimes absolutely avoid their dependence on insulin or perhaps diabetes pills.

There are numerous quick and also long-term negative effects right after the procedure. Instant issue is pain and suffering from the surgical treatment. As it is a serious surgical procedure, there exists a major risk of difficulties. Also, weight loss surgery can be costly system and is not covered by your insurance.

Most severely overweight people have better quality of living following having a weight loss surgery. The long-term benefits of weight loss surgery outweigh the health risks and also side effects and psychological health factors following your surgery.

Therefore, for severely obese people it is essential to go through the full weightloss process that concerns follow up treatment options to deal with the concerns, complications and emotional health concerns. Weight Loss Surgery Fountain Valley

offers you effective long term surgical options that can greatly help you to lose weight as well as obesity related diseases. To know the pros and cons of the surgery and which surgical procedure is suitable for your needs, you can contact a

Bariatric Surgeon Fountain Valley


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Three Important Steps Followed When Installing New Commercial Air Conditioning Systems In Honolulu


A comfortable working environment is essential to the well-being and functioning of the staff members in many industries, ranging from manufacturing to retail. For this reason, it is critical to ensure that quality Commercial Air Conditioning Systems Honolulu are installed in all commercial establishments. Air conditioners help to keep indoor environments at a manageable level. To make sure an air conditioning unit is installed correctly, it is important to hire the services of a certified air conditioning contractor.

A competent AC technician has an adequate understanding of the various types of commercial air conditioning systems. They can help one to choose the right AC unit that suits well with their needs and ensure it is installed correctly. The following are the three critical steps followed when installing a new commercial air conditioning system.

Step 1: Evaluation and Measuring

The process of installing a new commercial air conditioning unit starts with evaluation and measuring the building. The AC technician will profile the cooling needs based on factors such as the number of stories, the level of insulation, the number of rooms and occupants, floor plan, types of doors and windows, and daytime heat gain. After the evaluation, the AC technician will determine the best type of air conditioner to install in the commercial establishment.

Step 2: Inspecting the Ductwork

If the ductwork in the commercial building has been in existence for long, it may have to be replaced before installing the AC unit. Ducts should be wide enough to accommodate the volume of air delivered to indoors. Additionally, planning the system with clean lines helps to make sure that air travels in a straight line. View website for more info.

Step 3: Installing the Air Conditioning System

A certified air conditioning technician will follow all the given instructions while installing the AC unit. They will ensure that the device is installed in the right position to ensure it operates efficiently.Acquiring new Commercial Air Conditioning Systems Honolulu is a big investment. Thus, it is vital to hire an experienced air conditioning contractor to do the installation. For additional details about professional commercial air conditioning services and how to contact a reputable AC company, please go to

You May Think That Your Home Computer Network Is As Safe As Bug In A Rug It Is Not

Submitted by: William Piker

You may think that your home computer internet network is as safe as a bug in a rug . After all your Linksys or D-Link brand or another popular brand offers state of the art security features. Perhaps you have the standard WEP 64, or the safe as the banks WEP 128 encryption format. Perhaps you have even gone one step further to the ultra newer safe WPA router data security formats or even to greater security heights.

Your computer network is ultra secure. Or so you think and have beer reassured. Perhaps you have even had a computer security professional do the setup and maintenance,

And yet your personal data or banking information may be stolen. Your children may be directed to bad internet sites or worse. Your windows security updates may be compromised leaving your computer and network open to wide and wider scale attacks on your computer. Your confidential passwords whether they are for email, medical, airline or even banking may be compromised or stolen. Finally your computer may be utilized as a zombie in large scale denial of service attacks on the internet. Your computer and many thousands of other may be set, waiting patiently for long periods of time, to be activated as a sleeper agent. Which along with many thousand of other remote computers are set on secret activation to altogether overwhelm some target whether it be government computers, the CNN online news network or whatever?


How are all of these threats possible? Computer security is always a case of cat and mouse with human ingenuity always at the root of the game. The hackers do this.

The computer security network react to fix the security hole it issue whether it be Microsoft, Apple Computer or the Computer Hardware of Computer Hardware accessories manufacturers . And then the computer hackers think of an alternate means of attack.

In this case, even though it apparently seems that even though your wireless or simple cabled non wireless computer network has another gaping security hole. Home routers are at risk of being compromised by remote hackers. As a result of innocently or inadvertently visiting web pages malicious standard java script type software can access the controls of your home router and reset the controls inside the router to cause you big trouble.

Your router can be set to visit certain sites instead of where you wish to go. This may be simply to redirect you to sites containing advertising of the villain s daily choice. You may be taken inadvertently to websites which in a flash download further viscous and mean software, on a regular basis. Or even worse you may be taken to fake sites which are not what they represent. For example you may well type in the bank of America website. You may even have searched the name by Google. You will think you are being directed to this banking website where you enter your account name and password only to discover you cannot access your account because you are a bogus copy of the front page of that website whose purpose is to steal your banking account and passwords.

The answer to this security problem is simple. Simply change the administration password in your router from the default out of the box, out of the manual and factory to anything else.

As a result the malicious java script will not be able to unlock and enter your router and do its damage. The simple answer to these router security issues and securing your router firmly is to easily and simply change the administration password on your router whether it is wireless or a wired router. Now your home computer network and router will be safe from this threat.

About the Author: Max A. Rubin

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