Hot Air Cookers The Speedier, Healthier And Economical Way To Cook

By Ian G Williamson

Unlike the typical, familiar ovens in most homes, hot air cookers use a fan to spread the heat through the entire oven cavity. When heated air gets circulated in the oven as opposed to just surrounding it, the food is bound to be cooked more evenly. Traditional ovens tend to develop hot and cold spots that lead to uneven cooking. The heated air in these conventional ovens remains fairly motionless and as such food placed near the heating elements tends to char whereas those away from it are barely cooked.

Hot air cookers may be known by different names yet the basic principle remains the same. Convection ovens, countertop ovens or air cookers are all synonymous as they all use the same method of blowing hot air into the chamber of the oven. The rush of air speeds up the process of cooking resulting in some very desirable results.

The major advantage of these cookers is in the reduction of both cooking time and temperatures. In the cuisine world, this is known as the “rule of 25s”. The temperature for cooking is down by 25 degrees with the same end results. Most foods get cooked at least 25 times faster, thus reducing the cooking time. This in itself leads to substantial reduction in electricity bills, a major source of savings.


The very nature of air cookers allows food to retain its flavor and texture. Meats tend to retain their internal moisture, roasted foods, breads, pies to get that fabulous outer crisp covers. Restaurants have been using hot air cookers for a long time to give food that professional touch. This is why home cooking never seems to be able to duplicate the great food of the master chefs. The recipe for that excellent quality of food is nothing but the convection ovens.

Countertop ovens are an answer to our prayers; they bring the same hot air technology into our homes. Now, it is feasible to get that perfect finish to all our favorite dishes. In addition, these ovens are small and fit on the countertops and thus ideal for home use. The secret of the professional cooks is now in your hands and that too at the push of a button.

Cooking in a hot air cooker needs some time to get used to it especially if you have used the radiant varieties earlier. The initial adjustments are mainly due to the lesser time and temperature required and learning to master them for your particular needs. However, once you have perfected the art of hot air cooking the tricks, chances are you will get hooked to cooking this way for the rest of your life. The advantages of convection cooking far outweigh the initial cost barriers.

Whether it is the compact size, the innumerable models to choose from, the quick cooking time, the easy and flawless cooking results, the reduced energy bills, the superior quality of the cuisines or the sheer aromatic smells that emanate from your kitchen, the delights of cooking in hot air cookers are irresistible.

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