Importance Of Hrms Advanced Security Features

Today as automation has taken over almost every department of business operations, the HR department is not far behind. The new age advanced HRMS software available in the market today are designed to automate every HR task to save the time and efforts of the HR personnel and at the same time, boost efficiency and productivity of HR department. Digital HRMS, Pocket HRMS, Keka and Beehive HRMS are good examples. Having said that, HRMS is perhaps the most data intensive software in organisations today. In such a scenario, it becomes extremely important for organisations to ensure optimum protection of data from breaches, external threats and vulnerabilities of all sorts. HRMS advanced security features are thus, extremely essential for ensuring protection of employee data within the organisation.

There are several threats to human resource data in today’s world. To begin with, more and more HRMS software are now hosted on the Cloud, to make way for applications and on-the-go access. The rise in the popularity of enterprise mobility has taken things a step further, as now employees access HRMS software on the mobile devices of all kinds, including smartphones, tablets and laptops. Even as more and more employees access HRMS software on their very own devices, there is the risk of malware and other threats creeping into the application. After all, the more number of devices on the network, the higher the chances of threats creeping in. This is the reason enterprise mobility has resulted in stricter security measures in enterprises across the globe.

The fact that not many people are aware of the consequences of compromise in data security, means the stakes are high. Surprisingly, a significant amount of data breaches happening in organisations across the globe, are directly or indirectly a result of employee activity. This calls for the need for an initiative to raise awareness about information security in organisations today. Also, controlled access and role based access to information is a good measure to prevent misuse of sensitive information.

Talking about HRMS advanced security features, here is a quick look at what can be expected from the new age HR software that the organisations are investing in today.

Key Features of New Age HRMS Software

  • Encryption of user data
  • GDPR Compliance
  • SSL certification
  • Physical data security
  • Role based access to data
  • Measures against unauthorised access
  • Controlled access
  • Internal security controls
  • Strict password policy
  • Data purging policy
  • IP based access restrictions
  • Antivirus and firewall

As cybercrimes continue to rise, there is an ever increasing need to step up when it comes to information security in organisations. As data is being gathered from different sources, there is a very high possibility of threats and malware linked to this data, being transferred into the system of the organisation. This can prove to be highly damaging and the consequences can be disastrous.

Hence, it’s high time the enterprises woke up to the seriousness of the situation. There is the urgent need to take concrete steps for complete security of HR and employee information. Advanced HRMS security features are a must-have if organisations want complete protection of information that they have stored and maintained in the database.

The good news is that the new age HRMS software that one finds in the market today, have these HRMS advanced security features built in, so all that the enterprises need to do is get one such software and use it to the maximum potential.