How Do Solar Electricity Panels Work?

How Do Solar Electricity Panels Work?


James K Stewart

I often wonder why we feel the need to destroy our planet by drilling for oil and digging for coal when we have the biggest power station of all right above us in the sky ready to kick out as much clean, renewable energy for free the sun. Experts believe that there is enough fuel onboard the sun to drive the planet for about another 3 billion years. All that we require are some high quality solar electricity panels and we have the capability to turn the suns energy into an everlasting, clean supply of electricity.

Solar power too many of us may seem to be a power supply of futuristic proportions but it s actually more common than you would imagine so how do solar electricity panels work?

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Solar Electricity Panels are large and flat and are generally about the size of the average door. They are constructed with lots of individual solar energy collectors called solar cells, or more commonly, photovoltaic cells, which are covered with a thin protective layer of glass. They are usually a blue or black colour and are designed to generate electricity by capturing sunlight.

As each individual cell generates electricity, the panel combines the energy to make one big electrical current and voltage. All photovoltaic cells are manufactured from silicon which is classed as a semiconductor. This means that when sunlight shines on the cell, the energy it carries forces electrons out of the silicon. This can then be forced to flow around an electrical circuit and provide power for anything which runs on electricity in your home.

This is of course a very basic explanation of how solar electricity panels work but you really do not need to worry about the in-depth, technicalities of the process if you want to build your own solar panels. A high quality build guide will explain the important parts of making solar panels and will walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

Solar electricity panels are extremely simple and straightforward to build and install at home and there is no reason why you can t get started straight away. Thousands of people across the world today are benefitting from the power of the sun and are building their very own solar electricity panels from their own homes and garages.

You can save thousands on your electric bills by drawing power from the biggest power station of all right above us in the sky and remember, it s a free, clean and sustainable energy source which is available for billions of years to come.

If you decide to build your own

Solar Electricity Panels

, you will have a satisfying and rewarding experience provided you follow instructions which have been written by the experts.This quality guide is available with FREE bonuses ready for you to

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Explosives investigation at US Embassy in Chile; Pakistani man detained

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Pakistani man, identified as Muhammad Saif-ur-Rehman Khan, 28, was arrested in Chile on Monday after he was found with traces of explosives in the US Embassy.

Chilean police say that traces of Tetryl, used to help detonate explosives, were detected. Yesterday a judge ordered Khan’s continued detention under anti-terrorism laws.

It has been reported that Khan was in Chile for four months, and was called to the embassy to be told that his visa]] for the US was revoked. A US official told Reuters that “based on the information that we had, we revoked his visa.” The official declined to give the reason behind the decision, saying only that “[we] are required to notify individuals when we take that action and we invited him in.”

Khan spoke briefly to Chilean journalists and denied he was a terrorist or that he was handling explosives. “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life,” he said, claiming that the US “just want to hide the damage they have caused to Iraq and Afghanistan.”

This is not the first incident involving explosives at the US Embassy in Santiago; after the September 11 attacks of 2001, the embassy was sent a letter bomb that was defused.

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Canada women’s national wheelchair basketball team gets its first win of London Paralympics

Sunday, September 2, 2012

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London, England — Yesterday at London’s Basketball Arena, the Canada women’s national wheelchair basketball team earned their first victory of the London Paralympics when they defeated the Australia women’s national wheelchair basketball team 57–50.

Canada took a one point lead into the second half, when the scores were 33–32 because of a last minute foul that sent Canada to the free throw line where they capitalized by making one of their shots. 4.5 point player Janet McLachlan and 2 point player Katie Harnock dominated in minutes played for Canada during the first half, playing all 20 minutes and leading their team in scoring with 11 first half points for McLachlan and 12 for Harnock. The Canadian team was loudly supported by spectators, earning more cheering from the largely Great Britain supporting fans than the Australians.

The second half saw Canada slowly increase their lead, keeping tied with Australia 4–4 in the first half of third, 6–4 in the last half of the third, 6–4 in the first half of the fourth, and 8–6 in the last half of the fourth. McLachlan finished the game as Canada’s leading scorer with 28 total, 17 in the second half. Harnock had a quieter second half only scoring 2 points to finish with 14. Cindy Ouellett was the team’s third leading scorer, finishing the game with ten.

The Canadian team supported their team from the bench, chanting “Get it out! Get it out!” when on defense and “Let’s go Canada” when on the offense. Other times, one player led the team in chanting support for their players on the court. The team was consistently louder than the Australian bench.

Throughout the game, the Canadians tipped themselves over more in their chairs than the Australians. Ouellett tipped once, and bounced in her chair, with a wheel leaving the ground as she attempted to block shots and steal the ball. Ouellett and Australian Cobi Crispin locked wheels, and required a break in the game where Australia’s coach came on to the court and removed Ouellett’s wheel to detach the pair before putting it back on again.

Following the game, Australia’s Amber Merritt said of playing Canada, “I have the utmost respect for Canada. They’re a great team, but we’ll refocus on the game tomorrow [against the Netherlands] and go out and play like we know we can, the Australian way.”

Prior to the start of the game, McLachlan was the team’s dominating player in the competition. She was ranked eighth in the competition in field goal percentage, and was Canada’a highest ranked player in this category. She ranked second in the tournament in total field goals made per game, with 12. Teammate Katie Harnock ranked eighth. Tara Feser ranked fourth in the tournament for 2 point field goal percentage at 57.1%, while McLachlan ranked ninth with 50.0%. McLachlan was second in 2 point field goals made per game, at 12. Harnock was tied for first with Mexico’s Floralia Estrada Bernal in the competition for 3 point field goal percentage at 20%, and was ranked second in the tournament for most 3 point field goals made with one.

As a team coming into the game, Canada was ranked sixth in total field goal percentage, eighth in free throw percentage, sixth in average rebounds per game, second in fouls, and last in turnovers.

Coming into this game, Canada had lost their first game 70–59 to the Netherlands. They are scheduled to play Brazil today.

Emmanuel Macron wins French presidential election race

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

On Sunday, En Marche! candidate Emmanuel Macron won the second round of the 2017 French Presidential election, winning about 66.1 percent of the votes, defeating Front national’s Marine Le Pen with the final result declared yesterday. Winning the race with a significant vote difference, Marcon tweeted, “Everyone told us that it was impossible. But they did not know France!” ((fr))French language: ?Tout le monde nous disait que c’était impossible. Mais ils ne connaissaient pas la France !

With this victory, winning almost twice as many votes as Le Pen, 39-year-old Emmanuel Macron became the youngest President-elect of the Republic of France. In the first round of the election, held on April 23, no candidate won the absolute majority. The abstention rate increased from 22.23% to 25.44% in the second round, AFP reported, the first such second-round increase since 1969. He won the presidential race in the continuing state of emergency which was announced after the November 2015 Paris attack.

Known for her anti-European and anti-globalisation programme, far-right leader Le Pen managed to win about twice as many votes as her father and founder of the Front national party Jean-Marie Le Pen who lost to Jacques Chirac in 2002. Front national won the highest number of votes in their history.

In his speech in front of the glass pyramid near the Louvre Museum, Macron said, “I understand the divisions of our country that have led some to vote for extremists. I understand the anger, the anxiety, the doubts that a great part among us have also expressed.” ((fr))French language: ?Je sais les divisions de notre nation qui ont conduit certains à un vote extrême. Je sais les colères, les doutes, l’anxiété que certains ont exprimé. He also added, “I will defend France, its vital interests, its image, I promise you in front of you. I will defend Europe, our civilisation is at stake, our way of being free. I will work to re-establish the bonds between Europe and the citizens. I address to the nations of the world, the salvation of fraternal France.” ((fr))French language: ?Je défendrai la France, ses intérêts vitaux, son image. J’en prends l’engagement devant vous. Je défendrai l’Europe, c’est notre civilisation qui est en jeu, notre manière d’être libre. J’oeuvrerai à retisser les liens entre l’Europe et les citoyens. J’adresse aux nations du monde, le salut de la France fraternelle. Macron said he would serve as per the motto of France — Liberté, égalité, fraternité ((fr))French language: ?Liberty, equality and fraternity. Acknowledging the “immense” awaiting task, he said, “I will do everything I can in the coming five years to make sure you never have a reason to vote for extremism again”.

“Congratulations Emmanuel Macron! Let’s meet soon, and keep working to grow and strengthen the deep ties between Canada and France” ((fr))French language: ?Félicitations Emmanuel Macron! Rencontrons-nous rapidement et continuons à renforcer les liens de fraternité entre le Canada et la France, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted. German chancellor Angela Merkel congratulated Macron via a telephone call.

French parliamentary elections are to be held in June, and Emmanuel Macron, who describes himself as “neither left nor right” does not have a party in the parliament. En Marche! was formed last year. Marine Le Pen tweeted that Front national “must renew itself to live up to this historic opportunity and expectations of France” ((fr))French language: ?doit se renouveler pour être à la hauteur de cette opportunité historique et des attentes des Français.

Current president, François Hollande announced he would not run for re-election in December.

“Everyone told us that it was impossible. But they did not know France!” ((fr))French language: ?Tout le monde nous disait que c’était impossible. Mais ils ne connaissaient pas la France !—Emmanuel Macron
20,753,798 10,644,118
Emmanuel Macron – En Marche! Marine Le Pen – Front national
Data from Ministère de l’Intérieu.

What Is A 10 Meter Radio?

Submitted by: David Thorson

For new and aspiring Ham radio operators, knowing what physical radio to buy can be a little confusing. There are many different types of radios like 2 meter hand held units, two way radios, and 10 meter radios. Let s explore what a 10 meter radio is and its capability.

10 meter radios are used to receive what is called the 10 meter band spectrum. It turns radio waves into a distinguishable pattern and allows you, the operator, to broadcast your voice. This form of communication has been in use for almost a full century and technological advances like the discovery of digital air waves have made Hamming a lot more accessible and useful to the operator.

There are different times of the day that your 10 meter will be more effective. Most 10 meters work well during day time hours, but in times like now when sun spots and solar flairs are plentiful your signal can reach places that you thought would otherwise not be accessible.

YouTube Preview Image

You need to obtain a license to operate a 10 meter radio. The US government program called the FCC provides these licenses for free to people that pass a simple test. There are several versions of these licenses that have different standards that have to be met to obtain them, but they are also free. These licenses graduate in privileges, and the more challenging license, called the Extra Class, allows the operator to broadcast over many airwaves. What it needs is a little studying and some effort.

Learning how to use your 10 meter is easy. Most come with clear instruction manuals, but you need to run into a trouble shooting issue, then you need to either contact the manufacturer or have a professional install your equipment.

You may also need to purchase a few accessories for your new radio. Many do not come with microphones, air fans, or mountable housings. You need to have a microphone in order to transmit. You may even choose to purchase a free standing microphone with a large button on the base that functions like the talk button on the handheld version.

Deciding to use a 10 meter and earning your license will also allow you to join ham radio operator clubs. Many of the clubs have a long history behind them and will provide you with a source of information that you probably wouldn t have considered before. Some members of these clubs have many years of experience in home brewing antennas, or even makeshift radios. Utilizing the information can provide you with your 10 meter radio launching point.

I know that starting out with any new hobby can be overwhelming at times, so you might want to start with CB radio. Unlike 10 meter or amateur radio CB radio does not require a license and the equipment is generally less expensive. You can get a portable handheld device to start with for under $100. This will allow you to get the feel of radio communication without the hassle of tuning a radio or buying expensive equipment.

About the Author: If you wanted to start off with an easier and less expensive piece of equipment we suggest a

Hand held cb radio

The beauty of a

portable cb radio

is that they require no maintenance or tuning.


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NFL Playoffs: Cardinals thrill Packers in overtime

Monday, January 11, 2010

Arizona Cardinals 51 45 Green Bay Packers

After a very close offensive battle throughout the game, the Arizona Cardinals defeated the Green Bay Packers 51-45 in an overtime thriller today in the wild card round of the NFL Playoffs. The game was won after Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers fumbled the ball during overtime, resulting in Arizona’s Karlos Dansby recovering the ball and returning it for a touchdown, giving the Cardinals the sudden death victory. Arizona coach Ken Whisenhunt called the contest “…Probably one of the best games ever played in the playoffs”, while Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy said that it was “The toughest loss I’ve ever been a part of.” Both team’s strong offenses were evident throughout the entire game. The two team’s offensive totals combined to reach a massive 1,024 yards, with the Cardinals gaining 531 and the Packers 493.

In the first quarter, the Cardinals got out to a quick start, when cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie intercepted an errant Rodgers throw and returned it for a touchdown. On Green Bay’s very next possession, wide receiver Donald Driver fumbled, setting up another quick Arizona touchdown and making the score 14-0 in favor of the Cardinals. An Arizona field goal by Neil Rackers made it a 17-0 lead at the end of the first quarter.

The Packers began to show some of their offensive firepower in the second quarter. To start the quarter, Rodgers led the team down the field in a 52-yard drive that lead to a Rodgers sneak at the goal line to give the Packers their first points of the game. However, the Cardinals quickly countered with a scoring drive of their own, capped off by a 15-yard passing touchdown from quarterback Kurt Warner to receiver Early Doucet. At the end of the half, Green Bay kicked a field goal to cut into the deficit which was still quite large, a 24-10 halftime edge for Arizona.

Warner and Rodgers both showed explosive passing throughout the next half. In the third, both quarterbacks threw two touchdown passes to make the score 38-24, the Cardinals still holding the edge. Green Bay began to mount their comeback in the fourth quarter. They began with two touchdowns, tying the game at 38. Warner again countered with another passing score for Arizona, giving them a one touchdown edge with under 3 minutes to play. Then, Rodgers led the Packers in a quick drive, scoring and tying the game at 45 all. The match now had to be decided in overtime.

Green Bay won the overtime coin toss, giving them the advantage of having the ball first in the sudden death period. However, the key mistake of the game came here. On the Packers’ third play, Aaron Rodgers fumbled, creating a Karlos Dansby recovery which he returned for a touchdown, ending the offensive shootout with a final score of 51-45.

After the win, Arizona is now focused on advancing further in the playoffs, as well as rumors on Warner’s possible retirement. “I don’t think you every want to stay too long, but you never want to go out before it’s time,” said Warner. “The hard part is trying to figure that out, but right now it’s about another playoff game. It’s about New Orleans and then we’ll go from there.”

The Cardinals play the New Orleans Saints in next week’s divisional round.

Home Building Guide Size And Cost Considerations

By Brad Franklin

As you begin to conceptualize the master plan of your new home, one of the first things you have to do is figure out how much of a house you can afford to build, including the cost of the land and the landscaping. The Financing Your Home section will help you figure out how much of a mortgage a lender will allow.

The program that you develop will be somewhat of a wish list and reality may force deletions or modifications. This realization will probably occur when you try to zero in on an affordable square footage for your new home.

The size of the home you build is the most important factor in determining the cost. You can determine the average cost per square foot for new homes in your area by calling the local chapter of the National Association of Home Builders. Multiply the square footage of the home that you wish to build by the average cost per square foot to determine a general cost.

YouTube Preview Image

If you find yourself staring at a grand total that is far beyond your budget, you’ll have to scale down the design or choose a new one. If it’s close to your budget, you can probably adjust some of the options, extras and finish materials to make sure you stay within budget. Developing a budget and calculating costs will take a bit of time and research, but it is a step that you cannot ignore.

Make a list of your priorities. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want? Do you need a family room and living room? Do you want a separate dining room or is a large eat-in-kitchen area more practical for your lifestyle? Will you need a study or home office or library? How big of a garage will you need? Do you plan on finishing a basement for a playroom?

If budget is a concern, and let’s face it, for most of us it is, there are many ways you can build your house to include expansion possibilities at a later time. Consider building a smaller house and include a patio with a foundation suitable for future expansion or look for a one-story plan that includes expansion space on the second floor, or attic. There are also many finishing elements that can be accomplished later when your budget allows.

About the Author: are independent architects and designers who joined together to provide you the best home plans at the best price.


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Bill Clinton to visit Romania

Friday, April 8, 2005

Bill Clinton, the former President of the United States of America, will make a visit to Romania on May 21, to participate as the keynote speaker at the BeyondBorders 2005 conference in Bucharest. The conference will have the theme of “Branding a Country: Building a Reputation from Within” and is the inaugural BeyondBorders conference launched by the Brand Academy, the first Romanian institution dedicated to brand education.

Clinton’s previous visit to Romania was July 11, 1997, when he visited the country to promote political and military integration around the time of the NATO Summit. He was the first US president to visit Romania since the Romanian Revolution of 1989 that overthrew the Communist regime.

The BeyondBorders 2005 conference will focus on strategies to brand Romania and promote it to the world. In recent years, Romania has realised the need for branding and for improving its image in the world in order to fuel prosperity. Branding would focus on building a reputation a positive reputation for the country abroad and emphasising its authentic values. The conference organisers hope that it will act as a springboard for an integrated national branding project for Romania.

Study indicates as great white shark disappears, living fossil moves in

Saturday, February 16, 2019

On Wednesday, scientists from the University of Miami and Apex Shark Expeditions published a study in Scientific Reports, an on-line journal, documenting the disappearance of the great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) from a specific area off the coast of South Africa. The study found that when the whites disappeared, a Jurassic-era predator called the sevengill shark (Notorhynchus cepedianus) moved in.

The study was a collaborative project between Neil Hammerschlag of the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami and Chris Fallows of Apex Shark Expeditions, a company that conducts cage diving and shark viewing trips.

The study covered more than 8000 hours of shark observations in South Africa’s False Bay spread out over the past 18 years. The great white shark population remained relatively stable until 2015, at which point their numbers went into sharp decline, sometimes reaching zero during 2017–2018. At those times, another predator, the sevengill shark, previously unknown in the study area, began to appear. The sevengill is sometimes called a living fossil because it closely resembles similar sharks from prehistoric times.

Fallows remarked, “In 18+ years of working at Seal Island, we had never seen sevengill sharks in our surveys[…] Following the disappearance of white sharks in 2017, sevengill began to show up for the first time and have been increasing in number ever since.”

The study itself outlined the tight correlation between the absence of white sharks and the presence of sevengills: “[S]evengill sharks […] were only detected during the prolonged periods of complete white shark absence, disappearing from our surveys during the intermittent short periods when white sharks temporarily returned to Seal Island, albeit in very low numbers, only to reappear when the white sharks were again absent from surveys[.]”

The sevengill shark usually lives in areas where the sea floor is thick with kelp, as opposed to the relatively clear-bottomed study area. The sevengill and great white are both ordinarily apex predators and seek some of the same food, such as cape fur seals, but great whites can also prey directly on sevengills. The great white shark and orca are the only species known to eat adult sevengills. The sevengill has seven gills, whereas most species of shark have only five gills on each side of their bodies.

The scientists behind the present study only noted various hypotheses about the cause of the disappearance of great white sharks from this area, though Dr. Alison Kock of the University of Cape Town has reported a correlation with the entry of orcas into False Bay, possibly because human activity has rendered prey hard to find elsewhere. These orcas, she suggested, specialize in hunting sharks.

The researchers noted the sevengill sharks might not have the same effect on the ecosystems involved as the great whites have had, citing the ecological disruption apparently caused off Alaska when a change in orca behavior had a knock-on effect, disrupting sea otters’ predation of sea urchins, whose population then exploded, plowing through the area’s kelp forests.