Understanding And Treating Excessive Hands And Feet Sweating

Overview of Hands and Feet Sweating

Sweating is a completely natural biological process that helps control the body’s temperature. However, excessive sweating, specifically of the hands and feet, can be a cause for concern. This condition, where a person sweats more than necessary, is technically known as hyperhidrosis. It can occur without any trigger like physical activity or high temperature. Excessive hand and feet sweating often leads to discomfort and embarrassment, affecting one’s quality of life.

Causes of Excessive Hands and Feet Sweating

The exact cause of hand and feet hyperhidrosis is unclear. It seems to occur when the nervous system overstimulates the sweat glands. Some individuals may have an inherited propensity for this condition. Various factors like stress, anxiety, or certain health conditions can also trigger excessive sweating.

Managing Excessive Sweating

While this condition may seem challenging, various strategies can be employed to manage the symptoms. These range from at-home remedies and lifestyle changes to more advanced treatments offered by medical professionals.

Adopting good hygiene practices is often the first step. Regularly washing your hands and feet in cold water can help reduce sweating. Wearing breathable shoes and socks, and switching them frequently, can also assist in minimizing foot sweating. Physical exercises and diet modifications, particularly reducing the consumption of spicy food and caffeine, might be beneficial as well.

Medical Treatments

When these efforts seem insufficient, it’s advisable to seek medical advice. There are quite a number of medical treatment options available such as antiperspirant with aluminum chloride, iontophoresis, botox injections, and medications to temper the sweat gland activities.

One of the more increasingly popular treatments for hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating laser treatment. This treatment refers to a minimally invasive procedure where a laser beam is used to target and ablate the sweat glands in the hands or feet. The procedure is typically conducted under local anesthesia and offers a permanent solution to excessive sweating. Overall, the procedure is safe with minor side-effects such as temporary numbness or discomfort.


While dealing with an excessive amount of hand and feet sweating can be difficult and even embarrassing, remember that it is a common problem. Several treatments and strategies are available to manage and possibly completely eradicate your discomfort. From good hygiene practices to treatments like the effective excessive sweating laser treatment, there are many ways to regain control over your life. As always, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new treatment plan.

Regardless of the course you take, always remember you are not alone – there is a whole community out there who understands your struggle and professionals ready to help.