Where Can I Get My Fingerprints Done?

Finding Places To Have Your Fingerprints Taken

There are different reasons you might need to get your fingerprints taken. Sometimes it’s for a background check related to employment, education, licensing or certification, or other times it might be for a police check needed for immigration or visa applications. In any case, you might find yourself wondering, “Where can I get my fingerprints done?” This article will attempt to answer that question by outlining various places where you can have your fingerprints taken.

Local Police Stations

Police stations often provide fingerprinting services. It is recommended to call ahead or check their website to ensure you understand their process, fees, and any requirements they have. You may need to schedule an appointment and provide specific documentation. Remember, not all police stations provide this service, so it’s crucial to make sure they offer this before going in person.

Private Companies

Several private businesses offer fingerprinting services, often as part of a more extensive background check service. These companies use digital fingerprint scanners, meaning they can quickly and easily submit your fingerprints electronically. Their services are typically more expensive than other options, but if time is a factor, the convenience could be worth the cost. Examples might include companies like IdentoGO in the U.S or Commissionaires in Canada.

Public Service Agencies

Public service agencies like your local Department of Motor Vehicles or similar bodies may provide fingerprinting services. As with police stations, it’s best to call ahead or check online to confirm availability and understand their process and requirements.

Educational Institutions

Some universities and colleges offer fingerprinting services, especially if they have a criminal justice or police studies program. Students and faculty might be able to use this service, but it may also be open to the public for a fee.

Fingerprinting Services Online

There has been a rise in online services that offer a variety of fingerprinting solutions. These platforms connect you to certified fingerprint operators who can take prints at a location that is convenient for you. Generally, these services are more expensive, but they offer the convenience of not having to leave your home or office.

Understanding The Fingerprinting Process

No matter where you go to have your fingerprints taken, there will be a process that you must follow. You’ll likely need to provide some proof of identity, such as a driver’s license or passport, and there may be a fee for the service. Your fingerprints will be taken by having you press each finger onto an ink pad and then onto a card, or by using a digital fingerprint scanner.

The prints are then submitted to the appropriate agency – usually, a state or national database. This database will look for matches between your fingerprints and those in their database to see if you have any criminal records. This process is known as a police check. Depending on the reason you’re having your fingerprints taken, these results could be sent to you or directly to the organization that requested the check.


In conclusion, there are many places where you can have your fingerprints taken when you need them. It mainly depends on you what you require and value, be it cost, convenience, or speed. If you are still in doubt, consider contacting your local courthouse or police department to inquire about your options. Remember, the best place to have your fingerprints taken is where their services meet your requirements the best.